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DJI Mavic Pro - $769

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I'm not sure about all of you, but I've always been thinking about getting a drone for my photography gig, so I'm always looking for good deals on them. Well DJI recently dropped the price of their Mavic Pro to $769 which is the lowest price that it's ever been at. $815 was the lowest price it was ever at previously during last years Black Friday sale. 



Still not sure I'm going to jump into this purchase mainly because of #Adulting and mortgage payments and such, but this is definitely a good deal for a great personal drone. 

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I have the Phantom 3 pro, there's a solid learning curve to flying them if you never have.  Beyond the initial purchase you'll need extra batteries, a decent tablet to use with the remote.  Many use an Ipad mini.  I have a low end Samsung Tab A, I need to upgrade it lags which is a bit bad when the drone is out there.  The licensing is cheap for basic registration but you need an FAA part 107 to fly it for a business and it can't be flow over people.  However having a drone is fun!  There are certainly various ways to make some bank with them if you can invest. :)

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