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I'm throwing this out here because, I get the feeling, like me, many of you are of the programming variant of humans.

I'm a Linux systems administrator, I work for myself, and have been programming for a few years now.  I ended up writing a live auction application, that I've since added a static auction function to (think ebay) definitely needs some more changes, fine tuning, tweaking and love.

Long story short, the company I am working with has been pleased enough that they are interested in hiring me to combine my auction software in with their sales clerking and video catalog systems making it a single restful application.

Not sure what language I'll write it in, ultimate goal would be to make it platform independent, that way they can use their windows notebook, ipad or android device.

I'll probably go to freelancer or similar to hire a few people on contract to help get things rolling, but I'd be interested in working with other like minded individuals like myself.  AKA gamer.

Not 100% on what all would be required yet, but if you're interested please feel free to holler at me.

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I've been a developer\software engineer for the better part of 20+ years now.  I've been an independent contractor, worked as a consultant, worked in the games industry (which sucked hard), and currently working as part of an international team for a large corporation.  I've created everything from corporate LOB database apps to digital slot machines for indian casinos.  I used to work exclusively in the Windows world, but for the past 5+ years I've been writing iOS apps.  I do mostly front-end work but from time to time I also work on the web back-end.  On a daily basis I'll typically use C++, Objective-C, C#, SQL, and occasionally JavaScript.  I've dabbled in Android development though I have yet to write any production code, and I'm currently learning Swift.  The company I work for makes point-of-sale systems, and if you've eaten at a Which-Which in the last year, you've likely interacted with software I've written.

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