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Have An iOS Device? You Should Update To 11.2.6 Sooner Than Later!

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How many of you out there have iOS Devices and didn't know about this new 'text bomb' that had a potential to crash apps on your devices? Well it's been known for a short while know and if you've had a friend on Discord go missing for a few days, they've probably been temporarily banned from discord for 7 days. 

This is something that has been out for a week to where a single character in the Telugu language has been causing peoples iOS Devices to crash, and once the app crashed it would keep crashing typically before you had to go through drastic measures which could have let to you erasing conversations that you might not have saved. 

So, not sure what else to tell you to make sure you update your iOS Devices, but please go do it sooner than later! :) 

Also if your Discord has been crashing more than normal recently, but you haven't seen any of the iOS crashing characters you should still probably update to 11.2.6 just to be safe. 


PSA - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIND THE MAGIC CHARACTER AND POST IN DISCORD. If it ends up being reported you will be temporarily banned as some users have experienced, even if you were just joking around with friends. 

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this is not the first time something like this has occurred with Apple products. Honestly, I'm at the point with apple where if this happens to you it's your fault for having an apple phone. Just opinion.

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This is why I do not use apple, I only fix then ;)

as slim was saying stuff like this is getting common with apple and them admitting that their new software updates are slowing down phones, I just going to be honest and say that I would switch to another phone brand. I am about to be apple certified which is a big deal and I know what not only goes on with the software side of things with apple but also what goes on internally and so if you would like to know of a really good Samsung phone thats relatively cheep and that is very good contact me on discord and Ill show you. 

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In a world of many languages and fonts I'm amazed that a single character can cause such crippling bug.  Whatever happened to the good old "empty square" for unknown font characters?

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