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WoW: "Guild Days" AKA Events!

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What are "Guild Days" Feisty?

I'm glad you asked friend! "Guild Days" is the new name for our events within the WoW section in ADK. These aren't really planned our events, so I don't want to call them that, but they are nights for the guild to come together to accomplish our goals. 


Tuesday Evening LFR Night

Time: 9PM EST, 8PM CST

What do?: Tuesday Evening we will group up within the guild to complete LFR. Previously we had been trying to get people together on the weekends to do this, but lets be honest, who wants to wait the WHOLE week to complete LFR? Tuesday nights are by far the easiest day of the week to queue into LFR and be successful. Pop into the channel, join up and we will queue for some LFR! (We are still horde)


Saturday Afternoon Dungeon/Raid

Time: 4PM EST, 3PM CST

What do?: We will devote our Saturday afternoons to helping people gear within dungeons! This means that we will be doing content to the level of people that show up. For example last weekend we completed a couple normal mythic dungeons before moving on to some mythic+ getting as far as a Mythic +5 on our fresh boosted characters which is AWESOME! These dungeons will be a learning experience for most of the people involved so we aren't overly interested in having people that vastly out gear the content to come and push it over for us, but anyone is welcome to bring a character that is close to the content level.

The goal with this afternoon is to eventually be able to get everyone to the point where we can complete the highest required mythic for the weekly chest (Currently +15) and eventually move on to doing some easier raid content with anyone who is interested. 



Hope to see you all there!

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Sounds like a great idea to get everyone geared for pushing keystones. I will be on for the weekend events, but sadly with conflicting time schedules i cant make the tuesday, bummed about that one :( .

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