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BFA Pre-purchase and New Playable Races!

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Battle for Azeroth is now available for pre-purchase! Along with this there is the ability for players who do pre-purchase the expansion to play the new allied races already.


Step 1: Pre-purchase the Battle for Azeroth Expansion 

Step 2: Head to the embassy in Orgrimmar or Stormwind

Step 3: Talk to the race ambassadors - Here they will show you the traits for each of the new races as well as what you need to unlock them.

Step 4: Talk to Sylvanis or Anduin to start the scenario.

Step 5: Enjoy your new faction mount while leveling on your new allied race!

Step 6: Earn Heritage armor by leveling from level 20 to 110.

Each race has its own set of armor that becomes unlocked in your transmog window.

Void Elves


Lightforge Draenei




Highmountain Tauren


Here is a video with a little bit of a look with the races in action as well as the lore behind their faction choices

Over the next little while I will be working towards unlocking these new races to play! If anyone needs help with any questing or anything join the #world-of-warcraft channel in discord and don't forget to type "?rank wow" to get notifications on when people are looking for groups or any new new or events!

<3 Feisty 5a7ea98f4f3fc_Bondiemote.png.bb60872ad43ed716f6faecd9472491e1.png

WoW Manager

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Fine, I guess you're making me preorder.  It also comes with a 110 lvl token if I remember correctly as well?  Though I do like the idea of leveling through a grind if you've never played the class before.  I mean that's how you really learn to play it after all.  Game On!

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Its true the grind can be important for new players or new classes, but the free boost is usually just an addition, besides, they are encouraging people to level the new races from 20 to 110 using the heritage armor, the 110 boost is motivation for newer players who want to unlock the new races but maybe dont have a 110 or maybe are looking to swap faction or something. 

If you need any help along the way let me know!


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On 2/13/2018 at 11:25 PM, Asalante said:

Did I hear correctly, you have to have a 110 character to start the quest lines for the new races?

Correct you have to have a 110 to do the quests, you would need a 110 to be able to complete the rep and requirements for the races anyways, the only requirements that I think are actually completable prior to hitting 110 zones is the highmountain tauren.


I am happy to announce that I have officially unlocked both horde races!

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