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Dream Builds

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IDK about the rest of you, but I could easily throw between 10 to 20 thousand dollars away on my dream build....  Hell, I could spend well over a thousand on a nice HOTAS rig alone....

These guys have one hell of a desk/case option, and boy would I like one!

They had a large touch screen option I'm not seeing now, but anything to get to a point of being "Star Trek" sounds great to me.

Getting rid of the desk clutter, moving  the components into the desk itself, sure would be nice, the only lacking point for me after that would be adjustable height.  So I can go from sitting to standing, but I'm sure with $$$ that could be figured out.  Maybe get them to install actuators in the feet or under the desk top..

Anyway, past that the next question becomes Intel or AMD...  I like the idea of building a dual CPU "server" with extended GPUS, I had big issues with all of my AMD GPUs so I'm a pretty staunch Nvidia fan boy now.  SLi may be disappearing in usefulness, however having multiple cards would be nice for the rendering 3D video out of Blender, making a custom Quadro server.  Sure I could rent cloud rendering time, but thinking about having the hardware, makes my heart flutter.

Linus used the IC Table setup for their 16k setup.....  So jelly....


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OMG that looks like a touch of a heaven....

One of these days I'm going to build a custom case out of a desk, turn the pull out drawers into the mobo bay, mount the radiator heat vents by the feet, and setup a vent switch for summer time to port it away.  I'd like to set up a secondary draw for storage devices.  Maybe add in a tempered glass port to look down at it all... 

I love computers....

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