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What a long few days!  Very ready for a break....  I wrote a live / static auction application for livestock auctions, had a 4 hour long meeting Tuesday teaching a few new guys how to run the software at the live sale events, a bug bashing event yesterday until midnight to make sure some new features I added were 100% ready for the 2 concurrent live sales that happened today.  The sales went well thankfully!  We ended up selling around 11% of all the lots online, and brought in around 14% of the total gross profit on the sales.

Next step is to convert from RTMP to RTSP + WebRTC.  Gotta get rid of that Flash...  Yuk...


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12 hours ago, AOBLXIX said:

That's awesome, and always awesome when you get to see your own work in action after all that hard work. 


Thanks!  It sure is nice to see it happening..  A little more organization and we'll be all the better for it, we need to get to a point where they can hire someone to do tech support, I would rather focus on the code...  But whatever it takes to get us to that next level.

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