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      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

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Baron Bot Commands | ADK Discord |

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Hello Summoners! We have recently added Baron Bot to the League Channels. Listed below are the commands. 

If you have any questions about the bot please don't hesitate to ask. 



Commands Description Usage
!baron add/remove Link your summoner so you don't have to type it. !baron add/remove
!baron profile Summarized profile of a summoner. !baron profile [region] [summoner]
!baron live Live match details and statistics. !baron live [region] [summoner]
!baron mastery Top champions by mastery. Also shows if the player already earned a chest, and the champion last played date. !baron mastery [region] [summmoner]
!baron champion Everything you need to know about a champion, winrate, banrate, pickrate, skill order, runes, mastery, build, etc. !baron champion [champion] [role] [frequent/highest%](optional)
!baron counters Counters for specified champion. !baron counters [champion]
!baron guide While in-game, this command will give you a small guide on how you should play the game, along with builds and skill paths. !baron guide [region] [summoner]
!baron pro Pro player's statistics, champions, next-game and some other information. !baron pro [pro-player-name]
!baron topplayers Player's with most mastery points on specified champion. !baron topplayers [champion]
!baron lastplayed Shows when a player last played a specified champion. !baron lastplayed [champion] [region] [summoner]
!baron notify/unnotify Notifies you when an LCS match goes live! !baron notify/unnotify [eulcs/nalcs/lck/msi/cblol/all]
!baron lcs upcoming Upcoming matches on LCS. !baron lcs upcoming [eulcs/nalcs/lck](optional)
!baron lcs recent Recent matches on LCS. !baron lcs recent [eulcs/nalcs/lck](optional)
!baron bans Top banned champions. !baron bans
!baron ultimatebravery Want to see details of an ability? You got it! !baron ultimatebravery
!baron best Best champions for specified role. !baron best [role]
!baron info Detailed statistics about a champion. !baron info [champion]
!baron tips Tips for a specified champion. !baron tips [champion]
!baron serverupdates Logs server warnings in realtime. !baron serverupdates [add/remove] [region]
!baron rotation This week free rotation. !baron rotation
!baron status Shows LoL server status. !baron status [region](optional)
!baron [enable/disable] Enables/disables Baron on a specific text channel(s). !baron [enable/disable]
!baron help If you ever need help. !baron help
!baron commands It directs to this list. !baron commands


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