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Studio Wildcard Proves Why Community Hosted Servers Are Superior

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On Tuesday, Studio Wildcard came out and talked about an exploit that has existed since August of 2015. . yes that's right. . 2015.  So they did give a stern warning to those who were found using said exploit but they actually just proved why Community Hosted ARK Servers like ours here at ADK are far superior to Official Servers.

We posted an article about it which you can read here:


Now, is it a little harsh to say that Community Hosted Servers like ours are superior compared to Official Servers?  Maybe a little bit, but I'm still quite salty at EA/DICE for what they've done to the Battlefield RSP. . essentially nuking it. So I'm all for Community Servers over Official Servers. Meanwhile those official servers are stuck with hackers and cheaters that don't get taken care of as quick as community hosted servers would be able to deal with said players. Which is why I firmly believe in Community Hosted Game Servers over Official Servers.

I think all game developers should take a look at this situation with ARK as a perfect example. Sure have your Official Servers, but help out the community that plays your game. People care about the game enough to play the game and to spend money to host servers, so you should support those servers.

Overall, I don't think this situation will change anything for Community Hosted Servers across all games unfortunately. But you should definitely thank those people that are running Community Hosted Servers and go out of their way to make sure that you have a great experience. Whether that's server that ADK hosts or any other Community Servers that you play on.


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Community hosted servers will always be better than game devs' servers. I still remember all those games played on community servers way back in the Counter Strike 1.6 days, where you could have mods and friendly admins. Our Battlefield section would've never got where it was if we didn't have the amount of control we had on those servers! 

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