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How fast can you type?

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Don't think we've talked about this for a few years if at all.  So how fast can you guys and gals type? 

Here's a few speed tests for you to try, I would say that they aren't all created equally and you'll probably get different scores for them. So post which one you did with the results for everyone to see :)







Or if you have links to other typing tests that you like feel free to share them as well!

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According to all the links I type about 35 wpm however in my defense Im sitting in the dark and I have super long finger nails which hinder me cuz Im always hitting the wrong keys with my nails by mistake

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I did the last link earlier at work and was at 100 WPM and missed one capital letter.  So whatever that came out to be percentage wise. Will take another one again tomorrow and post results. 

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