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ArkCorp Mining base 157

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3.0... Really pleased with so many of the changes!

IDK if anyone else has ran into this, but wow, some people....

 I've had little to no time lately after 3.0 came out to check the changes out....  So I said ENUF last night, called up a buddy of mine and we decided to run around a bit.  He's got a few ships, a 300i and an Aquila, wow are they nice...  We hopped over to the Yela, then went to ArkCorp Mining Base 157, the plan was from there we would take an Ursa trip around the mountains.  No, no broke back mountain stuff...  Anyway, we landed, flawlessly, pre-dawn time, wow, what a skyscape!  Those rings, and the nebula, OHH BOY!  We checked out all the buildings, became relatively jelly, wishing yet again that the human race was further along in space tech then we are.....  Then we went to the resource shop, he bought tons of titanium, cool to see that in the Aquila's hold, soon after another person "landed" their well banged up Cutlass, it was missing a wing.  Shortly there after an FC7 showed up, the Cutlass was able to gain some altitude, but got finished off after a bit of poor flight by both the Cutlass and FC7 pilots... 

Didn't think too much of it because we were in a "safe zone" so we went and collected his Ursa to take a quick jaunt.  What little I saw of that was a lot of fun, but as soon as we got out of the base, we were under fire, the FC7 was back, this time we were the target.  I took control of the turret on the Ursa, and fired back, but that wasn't too much help...  Seems I need some practice....  So we got blown up, sent back to the space station, where we decided to attempt a rescue, didn't want to loose the cargo, so he brought out his 300i, that was interesting to try to get in, had to do a space walk, as I couldn't access the 300i's ladder.  That was fun.  Heading back to Yela, we went through the rings, he opened the doors, I was really strongly tempted to jump.....  Next time for sure....  Then I wanna try jumping out in the atmosphere too, I'm sure it won't end well, but WTH, why not?!?  Only way it could be better would be in VR...  BTW, Skydiving is fun IRL if you haven't tried it... 

At any rate, we made it back to the Aquila pretty quickly, unfortunately, it was toast....  Along with the cargo, good way to waste credits.  Unfortunately our FC7 friend hung around waiting for us, SO the 300i was quickly destroyed....  Seems the "no fire zone" is a bit small.......  Those ArkCorp guys need to invest in some auto turrets as well......

While, sad it was quite fun to watch.....  Thank goodness for insurance.....
I had fun, but damn frustrating...  At any rate, lesson(s) learned!

1)) If you're going to buy/sell cargo, don't stop to view a sunrise on a mountain top, get it and go!

2)) Insurance?  Good thing.

Edited by Pendersen
My insurance fact was incorrect.

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Awesome, 3.0 added so much to what's possible while just wandering around, I can only imagine what the next few major updates will involve..

I've also been trying to get into the habit of mashing the screenshot button when I see something cool in game, because there are so many moments you run into that are worth sharing.

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