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January Voting! MORE FUTURE PERKS!

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Hey survivors! 

Due to some mistakes that were made in some record keeping... We wont be able to hand out prizes for the competition that was supposed to take place in January... We do without a doubt know that the winner for the competition was @MavRoc and I will be getting with him to make sure he gets what he earned. As for the rest... If you voted last month, and you feel like you voted half the days, or at least very close to half the days (dont try and pull one over, i have a pretty good idea of who has been voting... ) I will award you a saddle BP that is mastercraft of your choice. 

Again I'm sorry that this was screwed up and we will be redoing the competition in another month. (not february). 

All this being said, we will be going forward with voting as usual. For the month of February anyone who votes more than HALF the calendar days for 3 servers (38 votes total) will be awarded an ascendant blueprint for a saddle of their choosing. 

WAIT THERE'S MORE! The top voter each month for the ark section will receive their own discord channel for a whole month within the purchased channel section of ADK as well as a forum award that will forever show you support the ark section in one of the best ways =) Arkaward.png.da48b0314b25fbc8c83da0d851891253.png < --- it looks like this.

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