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Website Tips and Tricks | Updated January 2018 |

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In an effort to try to make things a little easier for you to find around the website that might make your browsing the forums a little easier 


  • Unread Content - Click HERE to view all unread content, rather than having to browse each individual forum all the time
    • You can also click the "Unread Content" button that's to the top right of the website
    • This gives you a few different options for sorting the content. There is also an expected and condensed view depending on what you prefer. 
  • Status Updates
    • You can make a new status update via the "Create" drop down at the top of the website 
    • You can also make one from the https://www.adkgamers.com/forums/ page on the right hand side bar there's an area that says "Recent Status Updates" 
  • Manage Followed Content
    • Not sure what you're following?  Just visit THIS LINK where you can see what content you are following and manage the preferences for when you're given a notification. 
  • See all content you've posted in
    • Click your profile photo in the top left of the website which will take you to your profile and then click "See My Activity" off towards the right hand side of the page. 


More to come soon, hope this helps get some of you started! 

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