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Guild Wars Developers Are A True Class Act

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There's not too many times that I normally post about positive experiences with game developers, probably because I'm still salty about EA/DICE and how they've handled the Battlefield Series over the course of the past few years. But that's for another time. 

I had the opportunity to be a part of the Guild Wars 2 Fifth Anniversary Party while I was up in Washington for PAX West thanks to @VinasSol who signed us up for VIP access which was awesome to say the least. 

Now if anybody knows me, you know that I don't play too many games and mmorpg's are a weird subject for me. I like them but I was definitely late to the party on them as I was always a big FPS person (Day of Defeat and TF2), so it takes me a while to get used to them or I just don't like them at all. Ultimately that is what Guild Wars 2 ended up being for me. . . a game that I didn't like. Now with that being said I did try to get back into it again and it still wasn't my cup of tea.  And I'm sure I'll try playing it one more time. 

"AOB. . what's your point?"  Is probably what your thinking right now. Well my point is that the Guild Wars Developers (from ArenaNet) welcomed someone like myself with open arms, even after I said straight to their face that I've tried playing their game and can't seem to get into it. It could be because they got my money....okay okay I don't really feel that way.  But most of them asked what I didn't like and some even agreed with my opinions and understood why I felt that way, but ultimately were happy that I was there hanging out with them. 

Granted I haven't had the chance to go in-depth with other developer studios so I can't really say that other developers aren't like this. But none the less reading THIS ARTICLE from Kotaku about the developers chipping in and helping out a die hard fan during a tough time at the end of last year when their house burned down made me want to share a similar experience I had with the developers. 

So while we can all be a little frustrated at times with some development companies and vent our frustrations about, know that there a lot of good ones out there like the fine folks at ArenaNet. 


I'd love to hear any similar experiences you guys have had with game developers.  Whether that's the folks at ArenaNet or some other company, leave a comment! 

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