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Champion rework, Swain: The Noxian Grand General

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Swain rework!

The Noxian Grand General 


His Abilities:


icon-p.jpg.e848945557bd7b8e028dc5d031c452f1.jpg Passive - Ravenous Flock:  Ravenous: Swain can periodically right-click any nearby immobilized enemy champion to rip out a Soul Fragment, damaging and pulling them toward him.

Flock: Enemy champions leave behind a Soul Fragment when they die. Shadowy ravens scavenge nearby Soul Fragments, healing Swain for a portion of his maximum health. Swain can store several fragments at once.

icon-p.jpg.e848945557bd7b8e028dc5d031c452f1.jpg Q - Death's Hand: Swain unleashes several bolts of eldritch power in front of him, each damaging the first enemy struck. Enemies can intercept multiple bolts, but only take full damage from the first. Bolts pierce through units they kill, restoring a portion of Swain's mana.


icon-w.jpg.fe53ce4cdbba88a7bd7a11d9ac7d39a5.jpg W - Vision of Empire: Swain opens a demonic eye at a target location, damaging and slowing all enemies in the area after a moderate delay.

Vision of Empire deals extra damage to champions caught in the explosion, reveals them, and grants Swain a Soul Fragment for each champion hit.


icon-e.jpg.3e4389d43c8462d3bbb607be29e3e27a.jpg  E - Never-move: Swain projects his demonic hand forward, damaging all enemies in its path. The hand returns to Swain and explodes on the first enemy hit, damaging and rooting all enemies caught in the blast.


icon-r.jpg.756a3eba8e0732db36d0c880bf4d8e17.jpg R - Demonic Ascension: Swain gains a large amount of health on-cast and drains life from several nearby enemies (prioritizing champions) for an extended duration.

When Demonic Ascension ends, Swain consumes his Soul Fragments to cast Demonflare, a nova of energy that damages the closest enemies around him. Demonflare's damage increases for each Soul Fragment consumed.

After draining enough health, Swain can end Demonic Ascension early to cast Demonflare on-demand.


His skins:

base-splash.thumb.jpg.4c5db26752f2acf9241b8d0642f8c8dc.jpg bilge-splash.thumb.jpg.0f7bcbea96b3fc26ec9db4d9c9b9ca50.jpg tyrant-splash.thumb.jpg.5bf43edb3eea7084fb2e2e5c71f759f3.jpg


Source: https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/champion-reveal-swain?utm_source=LeagueClient&utm_medium=OverviewTier1


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I've never really played Swain (outside of when I get him in URF). But, I'm liking the new look and abilities. He does kind of look like that guy from Harry Potter (could also pass for a version of Count Dracula - Sorry Vlad).  Time for some practice sessions with this rework.

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