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Mod Update 9/16

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Structures Plus
Update: Jan 16 @ 8:54pm

- Changed how hidden auto-crafting blueprints are shown to the client (potential fix for players who lose the ability to see them)
- Fixed issue that caused the S+ Preserving Bin to look at your inventory for crafting ingredients
- Fixed issue that prevented the Transfer Tool presets from saving correctly
- Streamlined the selection process in the Transfer Tool UI
- S+ Tek Elevator will work when riding a dino now
- S+ Tek Elevator can be toggled to opaque now
- Fixed issue the snap assist ball on the S+ Dynamic Gateway that caused it to retain collision
- You can now set a blacklist on the S+ Gardener (will not collect blacklisted items)
(note: the blacklist is set within the inventory, based on its current contents. Unfortunately, due to lack of button space, to view the blacklist you must use the radial menu)
- S+ Gas Collector will now properly stop eruptions from gas vents
- S+ Gas Collector will now send all gas in its inventory back to appropriate dedicated storage units every minutes(previously it would only send back full stacks which was not viable for servers with stack mods)
(note: you need to enable this transfer within the inventory of the gas collector, it is not turned on by default)
- S+ Shield Generator is no longer climbable
- New Config Option: DisableShieldRadiationProtection (removes the radiation protection from the S+ Shield Generator)
- Dynamic Gateways & Gates can now be painted (its a little wonky atm, if you dont click apply it will still appear painted until you leave and come back, if you click apply it will stay as normal)
- S+ Heavy Turret now uses the correct model
- S+ Replicator, Shield Generator & Cloning Chamber can no longer be powered by charge batteries
- S+ Sleeping Pod will now properly buff the sleeping player
- Removed Leech Blood from S+ Dedicated Storage crafting recipe
- Fixed issue that caused the S+ Dedicated Storage Intake to lose its size when leaving stasis
- Fixed issue with items being ejected from the S+ Dedicated Storage with incorrect quantity
- Crafting Ammonite Bile in the S+ Grinder now results in 2
- Gamepad users can press Left Thumbstick down to jump off Repulser Plats & go up Tek Elevators, Right Thumbstick will go down elevators
- New Config Option: ElementCatalyzerCraftingSpeed 
- Fixed issue that could cause the Repulser Plate to display incorrect Roll & Pitch values
- The repair radial menu entry will no longer block the open entry on S+ Dynamic Gates
- New Item: S+ Spray Painter (longer range, doesn't consume dye)
(note: color doesn't update correctly in singleplayer until you restart)
- S+ Tek Turrets can no longer be placed close to enemy foundations (this matches the rest of the S+ turrets)
- Pull Resource list will now show resources that have single character names (non-english servers)
- Resources added to the pull list via config will no longer be added if they are already included in the list (ie no more duplicates for those who don't clean up their config)
- Items added to the Pull List via config will now be correctly remapped if also using a stack mod
(note: existing dedicated storage units will need to have their resource changed to update if you have done this)
- Fixed issue that caused the caused the pull resource code to miscalculate the absolute max inventory items on characters(dinos & players)
- Dinos with invalid inventories will no longer display in the Transfer Tool (ie wood rafts)
- The Dino Scan (S+ Transmitter) will now only show 250 results (lower level dinos will be omitted from the list if the results exceed the max)
- S+ Domesticated Beehive will no longer produce honey unless activated (ie has flowers)
- Removed DisableExtraStructurePreventionVolumes config option (unfortunately the server destroys placed structures on restart)

***Complete Replication Overhaul***
replication is the process of the server syncing data among clients
- Changed every replicated variable in the mod to conform to standards posted by Wildcard on the Unreal Modding forums
- Removed all Force Net Updates from the mod

How will this affect performance? Likely not at all but the areas where you might see improvements would be:
- Less client stutter when placing structures
- Structures loading from stasis quicker
- Improved server start up time
- Reduced client & server network usage

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