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Server update to 276.42 and s+ updates

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Update: 13 Jan @ 4:41am

- Fixed issue that would cause a client crash when viewing the S+ Heavy Turret engram
- S+ Heavy Turret no longer uses a turret in crafting, instead it uses the equivalent amount of resources
- Element Catalyzer now has a crafting queue instead of autocrafting
- S+ Grinder can now make Ammonite Bile & Fungal Wood
- S+ Transmitter can send you to Aberration boss battles now

Discuss this update in the discussions section.
Update: 13 Jan @ 1:30am

- New Structure: S+ Dedicated Storage (10,000 slots, holds a single resource type, inventory is not directly accessible, can deposit by hitting it)
- New Structure: S+ Dedicated Storage Intake (hitting it[yourself or while riding a dino] will transfer all items out of your/dino inventory to nearby dedicated storage units, can be upgraded in size)
- New Structure: S+ Dynamic Gateway (fully adjustable width(1-12), height(1-12), pillar thickness and material)
- New Structure: S+ Dynamic Gate (will adjust to the size of any S+ Dynamic Gateway it is snapped to, can change material during placement)
(note: These structures are crafted in a new way. After placement, you then need to deposit materials into the structure to finalize crafting. The materials required for this process are based on the size of the structure.)
(note: If you demolish or pick up these structures by any means other than the radial menu you will not receive the correct materials)
- New Structure: S+ Repulser Pad (jumping on it will propel you in a specified direction, can change direction and strength... be careful!)
- New Structure: S+ Tek Elevator (jump to teleport to nearest teleporter above you, crouch to go down)
- New Structure: S+ Charge Injector (injects charge directly into the ground, protecting from nameless in a large area. Uses charge batteries, adjustable radius, charge usage increases exponentially with radius)
- New Structure: S+ Element Catalyzer (crafts element like a Charge Node but has no cooldown or charge requirements but must be placed in liquid Element)
(note: liquid element means the rivers and such at the bottom of Aberration and any other place you take extreme damage from element)
- New Structure: S+ Tek Gas Collector (will automatically send stacks of gas balls back to any dedicated storage units set to accept gas, does not deteriorate over time)
- New Structure: S+ Charge Station (collects charge from nearby light pets, can charge batteries)
(note: the transfer of charge from pets to the station is not 1:1, you can not craft element in it and it does not ward off nameless)
- S+ Vacuum Compartments & the S+ Shield Generator now protect players from radiation
- New Config Option: DisableExtraStructurePreventionVolumes (will allow building in all structure prevention volumes that are not already toggled via the game.ini)
- The Farmer, Gardener, Nanny & Sheep Herder can now equip armor (cosmetic only, you can remove the armor once the model has updated) 
- The Transfer Tool now has 5 save slots (right click to save, left click to load)
- The Transfer Tool is now silent
- S+ Gateways & S+ Behemoth Gateways now display an alignment plane during placement (hard to explain, easy to understand in game)
- S+ Africanized Bee Hive has been renamed to S+ Domesticated Bee Hive (no longer damages nearby players and running out of flowers will merely stop honey production instead of killing the hive)
- The Gender Swap pulse (S+ Mutator) will no longer change the gender of any dino with a mating cooldown, the gender swap is also permanent (gender can still be changed once the 6 hour buff has elapsed but will not revert by itself)
- The Gender Assignment pulse (S+ Mutator) can now be refreshed by using the pulse again(refreshing the buff will not re-randomize the gender)
- Fixed issue with dinos who genders had been altered not displaying the correct gender when leaving stasis
- Dinos breeding with the Allow Breeding pulse (S+ Mutator) will now correctly show their mating & gestation status on dedicated servers
- Fixed issue that prevented the Allow Breeding pulse from returning a dino to unbreedable status when the buff faded
- Dinos affected by the Age Freeze pulse (S+ Mutator) will now eat at 1/10,000th their normal rate
- S+ Roofs can now be placed in intersecting orientations (like vanilla)
- You can lay down on S+ Beds & S+ Bunk Beds now
- Teleporters set to public use, can now be used by anybody (this matches vanilla)
- You can now teleport to public S+ teleporters from private teleporters and the S+ Personal Teleporter
- S+ AC & Multi Lamp now have an inventory for Charge Batteries
- Aberration resources have been added to the pull list
- Removed sound from S+ Shield Generator
- Recipes for Crystal, Green/Blue/Red Gems & Congealed Gas Balls added to the S+ Grinder
(note: the congealed gas ball recipe is disabled by default, I would recommend only enabling it when not including an Aberration map in your cluster)
- S+ Grinder now respects the Force Prevent Grinding flag
- S+ Turrets now respect the nearby turret limits
- S+ Auto Turret damage increased to match new vanilla values
- Fixed issue with triangle foundations being obstructed when snapped together
- S+ Personal Teleporter can no longer be transferred across servers
- The Item Collector, Nanny, Animal Tender, Farmer, Gardener, Hatchery & Sheep Herder can no longer be powered by charge batteries
- The S+ Demo Gun will not demolish structures with the "PreventDemolish" tag (this for other mod developers)
- New Structure: S+ Tek Sleeping Pod (snaps to each other, doesn't require engram to use)
- New Structure: S+ Heavy Turret (advanced targeting and adjustable inventory)
- New Config: DisableFoundationStacking (will prevent foundations from stacking)
- New Config: PreventTransmitterPickup (will prevent the S+ Tek Transmitter from being able to be picked up)
- New Config Option: SPlusHeavyTurretSlotCount
- New Config Option: TekBedCooldownTimeInSeconds (how long between each use of the bed)
- New Config Option: RepulserMaxStrength (sets a limit to the max strength the Repulser Pad can be set to)


Current Version: 276.42
- Aberration: Fixed issue with Powernodes not recharging when stasised. Requires server update.
- Fixed issue with Queen Bee. Requires server update.

- Made Glowsticks not grindable
- Fixed an animation-related server crash

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