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Tips and Tricks: S+ Transfer Tool

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Many of you are likely to be familiar with this nifty gadget from the Structures Plus mod, but there is a lot more depth to the tool than meets the eye so maybe you will find something new with one or two of these tricks. If you know a tip or trick for the Transfer Tool that is not mentioned then put in a reply and I can add to the main doc and credit you. XD

Basics: The Transfer Tool is a super useful gadget for those times when you want to move a large amount of specific items from one inventory to another. It can move from and to player, structure, and dino inventories. The big advantage it has over its older cousin, the Transfer Gun, is that you do not have to have line of sight to the inventories you are moving objects from. Select the inventory you want to pull from on the left, where you want to send to on the right, and in the middle box will be listed all the possible items; as long as everything is inside the tool's range. 


Farming: I use the tool frequently when doing farming runs as often multiple dinos are needed (one for transport and one for the farming) when travel is needed to get from base to the resource. An example of this would be when I go Organic Poly farming on Ragnarok. Usually for this I will take a Quetz and a Theriz; and since the Theriz who i am using its power harvest to get Poly from massacring Mantises does not get a weight reduction on the resources I move them to the Quetz as I go. Watching my Theriz weight I will periodically hop off and then bring up the tool to move the Poly and Chitin from the Theriz into the Quetz, then use the drop all on the Theriz's inventory to get rid of the rest of the junk it has picked up. This is not really that much more efficient at that point than using the Transfer Gun, unless you are Two-Man-ing the farm then the person on the Quetz can just periodically move the resources while the Theriz rider doesn't have to take any breaks in the actually gathering ( I use a similar strategy for metal farms with a Bronto+Platform Saddle+Forges and an Anky, and here especially it shines). Then once you return to base with you metric ton of Chitin and Organic Poly, you can use the Transfer tool to quickly move the chitin into one storage and the Poly into a different (refrigerated) without having to run through your building to do it. On Rag I keep my raw resource storage in crawl spaces inside the walls out of sight and it allows me to move the resources there very easily. 


Distribution: On the Hive we have a mod for Flight soup which uses a ton of beer. To make all that beer on Rag I have 30 ish beer barrels, and I don't want to fill those with the necessaries individually, and so I use the Transfer Tool. By default, when moving resources it will pull all of the specified items from all available inventories of the specified type and distribute the resource as evenly as numbers allow between all inventories of the specified type. So if I had 30k azulberries on my stego and used it as the source and sent "azulberries" from there to "S+ beer barrels" it would put 1k berries in each barrel. I could repeat this similarly for the thatch and water jars so that the barrels are ready to make me jars of beer without me having to move my feet. 


Advanced Options: Now, as i said the default moves all of the specified resource from the given type of inventory to the given type of inventory. So that if you selected "S+ Large Storage Box" as the source, "Advanced Rifle Bullet", and "S+ Auto Turret" as the destination it would move all of the bullets you have in all S+ Large Storage boxes in range and divide it between all the S+ Turrets you might have in range. If you want finer control you can do that by using the input boxes at the bottom of the menu window in the bottom left and the bottom right. The bottom left boxes affect the pull end, and the bottom right boxes affect the destination end. So lets look at the 3 options, "Max Number", "Name Contains", and "NOT Contains" (there is an added check box for blueprints on the left side). The check box for Blueprints just toggles whether blueprints will or will not be included in any movement.

The "Max Number" is a numerical entry and works a little differently depending on whether it is source side or destination side. If you put "50" in it for the source side with our example then it will move up to 50 bullets from each S+ Large Storage Box to and divide that between your turrets. If you had 3 boxes with bullets and 2 turrets it will move a total of 50 bullets from each large box (or as many as the box holds if it does not have 50) for a total of 150 ingots, as evenly as it can (75 each) into the two turrets. Now if "50" is put into the destination side of our example then it move 50 bullets into each destination, dividing the total needed between the sources as evenly as it can. So, with 3 boxes and 2 turrets, a total 100 bullets would be moved, 50 into each, pulling that 100 as even as it can from the 3 boxes (33, 33, 34). 

"Name Contains" and "NOT Contains" largely function the same. These inputs let you choose to filter between inventories of the same type (S+ Large Storage Boxes) by using the radial menu to name the object. So lets say you have 3 S+ Large Storage boxes filled with ammunition, one of those boxes is for player ammo and the other two are for turret ammo. So when filling your turrets you would not want to pull from the player ammo box just the two turret ammo boxes. So you could name your boxes "Player Ammo", "Turret Ammo 1", "Turret Ammo 2". Now when you go to put 50 ammo into your two turrets, you put the "50" on the destination side of the Max number and then also on the source side type "Turret" into the "Name Contains" box and it will move 50 bullets into each turret dividing between the S+ Large Storage boxes whose name includes "Turret" while ignoring the box of ammo named "Player Ammo".  (It is worth noting that since it is just searching for a name that contains "X", using "Tur" or even just "t" would have differentiated between the Player & Turret. Also the search is not case sensitive.) "NOT Contains" will use every inventory of that type except ones which meet the search requirements. So let's say you know you have a bunch of extra bullets in other random S+ Large Storage boxes around your base and you want to consolidate all those random piles of bullets into your Turret Ammo box, but did not want your Player Ammo to get emptied too. You could then put the source as "S+ Large Storage Box", item "Advanced Rifle Bullet", and destination as "S+ Large Storage Box"; but for the source side put "Player" in the "NOT Contains" and on the destination side put "Turret" in the "Name Contains". This will move all bullets in all of your S+ Storage boxes, except any box with "Player" in its name, into the two "Turret Ammo" S+ Large Storage Boxes.


Now as a tip, while it is possible to move things in specific ways between various boxes through these advanced input options it will make things easier if, for any kind of transfer/sorting you do frequently, to have a dedicated "type" of storage for those things so as to save you that extra step of using the name contains/not contains filter. For instance i used the "LargeSafe" from the Storage+ mod for raw resources like wood, stone, fiber, crystal, etc. 

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If you ARK with 1 box or vault for each resource type, this guide is not for you. If you want to ark like you have never ark'd before, carry on. This transfer tool preset setup suits a small to medium tribe setup where you have everything nearby. It is a massive time saver, it might take a little getting used to but I promise it will save you so much time once you figure out the 5 preset buttons on the transfer tool.

Many people don't realise that the transfer tool can send multiple resources to multiple destinations because the destination station only "accepts" the resource that it "allows". Using the 5 presets you can move pretty much everything to everywhere....except honey and sap and beer. This is next level ark-ing, it will change your ark life. Once your base is made, using these presets, you can concentrate on bullets and taming and base upgrades, no more moving resources between stations, no more putting metal in the forge and then transferring it to the fabricator, none of that nonsense. Once this is setup all you do make spark powder/gunpowder and bullets and narcs, you don't even need to distribute/collect the bullets or the resources to make them and no need for the farmer,  or the turret genie or other collector s+ stuff. All the fert is collected and distributed, meat and berries in the trough, narcberries and spoiled meat to the chembench, all bullet making stuff is transferred to each station and finally put in the turrets. 

The presets transfer all the following resources to their correct station from personal inventory, dinos inventory and all other stations, you just need to fly within range of the base and do the presets on the transfer tool; metal & ingots, wood, flint, stone, hide, oil, all veg, all berries, all kinds of meat, CP, obsidian, narcoberries, and spoiled meat, pearls and Black pearls, charcoal, gunpowder, fertiliser, crystal, thatch, flowers and mushrooms, pelt wool and organic poly.

See attachment for the preset button setup. Each colour represents a preset, each column in the colour is source, resource, destination.  I think it can be optimised much more than this. for example, once you have a bit of veg in your fridges, button 4 could be combined with button 1. you will get some veg in your trough but who cares.....

please note, this also needs the S+ item collector and beetles or compost bins for making fertiliser (beetles are preferred as you get oil), you'll need small crop plots for narcoberries and stim berries and maybe mejo, and medium crop plots for the 4 different veg. A meat spoiler is also needed. 




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