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Thoughts on Changes made to aberration

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Hi folks.

We are looking for input from players who have played the hive servers prior to the release of aberration. We are looking for your thoughts into the changes we have made to the server as we go forward in bringing those changes back to the rest of the hive and ultimately hiving the aberration server.

Changes that were made:

  • Upgrade station and death recovery mods removed
  • Dino level dropped to max 200 to compensate for no upgrade station
  • Loot Crate and fishing loot multiplier set to max x5
  • Dino xp per level reworked. Years ago someone accidentally made the dino xp per level the same as player, and that just didn't feel right.
  • Total experience gained was cut in half.
  • Joan's mod was disabled ultimately to allow the use of dung beetles as a source of oil on the aberration server (this WILL NOT carry over to the rest of the hive)

Questions we would like answered:

  • Do you have any specific thoughts for or against these changes being made on the rest of the servers?
  • If there was anything else you feel desperately needs to be fixed on the hive? 
  • Do you feel like the removal of Joan's mod was worth it on Aberration for the use of Dung Beetles?
  • Anything else?


This thread is going to come with some rules. First of all, staff WILL NOT respond to your posts. This is a place for your input and we will be taking these posts into consideration as we make some decisions, but we are not posting this to have a discussion or debate about it. If you have questions ask them, we will respond to those.  Your post WILL be hidden after it is read. We are not looking for "yeah what he said" answers, we are looking for individual input with some real thought put into your responses.


To be fair to your opinion and for you to have an educated response, I think its important for you to understand why we initially made these changes. Our personal thoughts on some of these have changed since we have seen it in action, this was after all the purpose of putting these changes through, to see what would happen, so here is some of our initial thinking to help you understand.

Removal of upgrade Station: This mod we thought ruined game play in a way we did not like. Players would have full ascendant flak with full durability and armor within days of being on the server. Removing the mod would mean that the progression of players through gear slows down, and also brings back the importance of staking out those epic loot drops and running caves. This also made taming a little more of a challenge and to get players to worry a little more about their actions before they dive in. (No more punching a max level rex to death EZ)

Removal of the Death recovery Mod: This mod also changed gameplay in a way that we did not like. The mod completely removed the aspect of survival to the game, and there was no penalty for death in any way as you could respawn and instantly gain everything back with one click. People were using the mod to transport high volumes of resources and using the mod to obtain things like Wyvren eggs in a way that required no thought or planning and we felt that this was game breaking. Our original thought was that players were progressing through the map too fast obtaining everything they needed within days and then were becoming bored within a week and moving on somewhere else. We felt that this mod had a large part to play in that.

Dino max level to 200: The reason the max level was set to 300 was because with the addition of the updrade station with the level of dino being so low even the largest and most fierce tames were taken down with only a few shots of a max level rifle. The change to lower the max level was made as a balance to removing the upgrade station. The original idea was to lower it down to default 150 but we felt that some players may still seek the challenge of getting the high level tames and as players progress further in time this would become easier with the gear they are able to obtain from drops and caves as well.

Loot Crate and fishing value: We understood that having the upgrade station removed would be a large shock to some players as that's what they had learned the game with. We wanted to remove the farm resources to get gear factor, but we did not want the higher gear to be unobtainable or extremely rare which is why we upped the quality of crates and fishing as a bit of a bridge between what we didn't like and what we wanted.

Dino XP rework: Dino XP was NOT meant to be the same as the player XP per level. This was a mistake made long before the current leadership took over, and has been long overdue to be fixed. Dinos would be getting 50-60 levels post tame within minutes, we slowed down the levels quite a bit as well as lowered the cap on XP per level for higher levels by more than a third. 

Total XP gained cut in half: This was another change implemented to combat the extremely fast progression through the game. Part of the problem was the fact that you could tame large dinos within days due to the use of the recovery mod and the upgrade station, but the other part was once you had those things, you could kill anything and XP flew up way faster than we liked. Players were hitting level 90 within 3-4 days. This is another change that was made to hopefully balance the server in terms of progression time. 

Joan's mod removed on aberration: In early game play it is VERY difficult to obtain oil. The use of joans mod, which we love, broke the beetles function to produce oil. We made this change to ease the hardship on players to get oil who may want to do so passively instead of just killing trilobites. We essentially want to know if you think this change is really necessary.

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