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Aberration Survival Guide

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Hey all! It's been a few days since the Aberration map has dropped and there are quite a few things that I have figured out that I think can help you in your campaign to survive.

First of all I think it goes without saying that this map is meant to be VERY hard. Nothing about this map is easy, and that's why I think it's important to tackle your game play knowing that you are probably going to die. Here are a few tips or tricks to surviving... or perhaps to make your lack of surviving less frustrating, and with less loss while you get yourself established. 

Reusable Bolas - This is probably the first item I would work towards crafting, and one that I think everyone should have. With no fliers, and a lot of the smaller ground dinosaurs being faster than us, I think this is probably one of the most useful things we can add to our tool kit. 

Tame a Raptor - Tame a raptor ASAP. Use your bolas on a raptor, knock that sucker out, tame him and make him a saddle ASAP, he is the key to early game survival. I  would suggest popping your first bunch of points into speed. 

Drop a sleeping bag - Without the use of flying dinos dying can be a lot more detrimental to your progression on this map than any other, if you are travelling long distances from your base, make sure to have multiple sleeping bags, this could prevent you from losing your stuff. I have had a lot of people make comments about how without the gravestone they feel like on this map its too hard to retrieve your stuff, I can totally understand this sentiment, but without the gravestone you have to think about what you are doing differently and plan accordingly. If you are travelling a long way from your bed spawn, chances are you wont make it across the map to collect your stuff, so add some sleeping bags to your tool kit, drop one if you feel like you are about to go through a dangerous pathway, on your hotbar they can even be dropped in an emergency. If you are travelling in pairs a teammate can also drop a foundation and bed for you.

Death Helper - This mod is actually fantastic. Sure you are not guaranteed to get your stuff back, but most people don't know that you can use and abuse this mod to get your stuff back as well. This map is full of cluffs and lips and overhangs, the hard cliffs pretty much all have tunnels directly under them  and you can die up top and then use the corspe finder from way down below to collect your things. Follow the arrows form the corpse finder and once you are directly underneath where you died you can hit it again to retrieve your stuff. This is also useful if you have died in small crevices or hard to reach places, you can even use this function while mounted and on a drive by on a raptor (the items will go into their inventory)

Packs of Ravagers - After you have become semi established I would suggest trying to hunt down and tame ravagers. Obviously this can be difficult as they usually travel in groups of 3 or 4. Pick your battles well and try and catch some that are fallen behind chasing other dinosaurs then the main pack. Again, use a bolas to hold em steady and knock them out. They prefer cooked lamb chop over anything, and lamb isnt that scarce on this map so i would recommend cooking some up before you go. After you have tamed 4 or 5 ravagers you can pretty much take on anything from basilisks to even hordes of nameless, though those are still a bit tricky. The plus side of ravagers is that they are very easy to heal between battles, force feeding them will cause their health to jump up at a pretty moderate rate than were used too. 

Tribe up, Travel in groups - Lastly, I think that this map is going to be very difficult for players to tackle on their own. I would encourage players to reach out and group up with each other, let others join your tribe, and always travel in pairs, I think you will have a much better time of everything with a friend to watch your back!

I know a lot of our player base is used to a more relaxed and easy game play and the ARK Staff designed the server around taking the game back to its roots more or less. For those of you confused about what this might mean, it means that we are happy that people are focused on trying to survive, this map is not about building or boss fights and we think that the struggle for gear progression, Dino progression, and the idea of making players plan out their voyages and excursions is more what was planned with the creation of this map.

For those of you who are truly struggling, or looking for a leg up, we do have donation packages that can help in terms of gear or max level dinosaurs to get you going (It's also a bonus that this supports the server and keeps our servers up and running).

Most importantly I think that people need to try and think outside their box in terms of game play on Aberration, this map is like no other we've encountered yet, I hope you can enjoy it as much as I am! If you have any other neat tips or tricks you would like to share please feel free to add them!

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So the special mushroom cloud debuffs can be deadly. The psychadelic mushrooms can be countered by eating the brown (Aggeravic) mushrooms. The frosty mushroom debuff works a little different in that taking the counter mushroom (Aquatic/Blue) does not help very much after the fact. Instead if you eat the mushroom it will give you a buff that keeps you immune to contracting the frosty debuff altogether. 


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When you get some form up 1x1 or building up is to immediately tame a bulbdog or shinehorn and store so they gain some levels passively while you craft, etc. They are an absolute must before you venture into the blue. Otherwise, you will spawn nameless which will quickly make your life miserable.

For those wanting the ultimate killing machine, tame a high level Megalosaurus. Points into stam up to at least 2000 first, then work health and dmg will make it go a looooong way! You are underground and it's night in Aberration so they stay awake and destroy everything with an exception. With regards to reaper kings, ravagers seem to be better for some reason. They get the pack bonus that direwolves and allasaurus do. Still trying to figure this out since you don't get their bleed when tamed and don't hit like Mega's do.

Also, tame a crab or two and make one at least a weight fiend. Have a friend or you mount up on the crab and pick up Anky, Doedi, roll rat, etc and harvets materials like mad. You can farm up materials without stopping due to the farmer being overloaded.

There are tons of tips on making life easier for yourself and your tribe. One big thing, if you are leveling fresh or an alt, do it on island and follow this guys YT video to get up to at least level 70+. It's even better when it's 2x or 3x. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UchMvaKvv_E I do suggest you supplement some of the run by farming up mats to make a crossbow and many arrows and kill alpha raptors as you go. The XP from them while under the bonus XP from the dossiers and notes is incredible.


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