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sad news to say this, but because of the update being stupidly large due to abberation patch. I won't be able to play on the servers because of my gb disk space hard drive. I'm not giving up, I just won't be on until I figure something out after the holidays. For now, I'll need someone to take in my tamed dinosaurs and take care of them until then. if someone could do that, I'd greatly appreciate it. My location is between viking bay and oluf jungle.


here is a map where I edited and added a circle for the location of my house:

hosue location.png


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People who are not In your tribe will not be able to touch your base or your Dino’s. 

Depending on the matierial your base is made of it will be demolishable in 16-21 ish days

other people can claim your Dino’s for their own 30 days after your last log in.

As I mentioned before in discord your best bet is to get another hard drive 500GB is just not enough these days, especially for ark players.

since you are are just a few GB short another option is running a drive cleaner to see if it frees up enough space. Depending on what you select in the options this thing will delete all your computers temorary files that are stored, after months of use they can add up and take a ton of space. You can remove your internet browser cache through here which I would suggest only because it’s usually lots of files that can take up a few gigs of space, downside is you will lose any saved passwords on your browser and have to log in to everything manually and resave them all again. https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download

there is a very good chance that if you have never performed a drive clean before that this file is easily 3 GB of crap maybe more. Mine is usually up to 2GB every 4-5 months.

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