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Aberration Story Time

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Hey guys, just thought it might be fun to create a place to share fun little anecdotes or screenshots of things you might be doing in the new world. To start it off I present you with this screenshot of me victoriously taunting the corpse of the Ravager pack leader whose pack has been, well, ravaging me since I spawned in. He might have killed me a dozen times, but I eventually got that sweet sweet revenge. Also, this moment is brought to you by: Reusable +; cause sometimes you just need to throw a shit ton of spears. 20171213033701_1.thumb.jpg.30de66ee900a95c4d1ecc0700c811e11.jpg

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Indeed. I think a ceremony of acknowledgment for the reusable spear is in order. Many a noob have relied on him. Many a noob have triumphed because of him. Well done reusable spear, well done.

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51 minutes ago, Harmsorgi said:

Seems like Feisty might have had a little too much shroom juice.  =P



Man what did I do last night...

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