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A Screenshot Tour of the Iceni Tribe's Base

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Part One: The Main Building at 41.0, 29.0

(In Order)

We begin outside the East Wing entrance (1), and then enter the East Entrance Hall (2). Boudica (me), fearless leader of the Iceni greets you (3) as you pass into the Inner Hall (4) with the armory, kitchen, and beds offscreen to the right. Going through the doors we enter the Crafting Solar; with views from the back of the room looking forward (5), and from the front looking back (6). Also a taste of the scenic views available out of the Eastern (7) and Northern (8) sides of the Solar. Going back outside we come back in through the West Wing entrance (9), and into the West Entrance Hall and Brewery (10). Then up the stairs into the second floor of the Inner Hall, overlooking the Crafting Solar (11). On the way up to the third floor, we stop to see the views out from the East Stairs Landing (12) and the West Stairs Landing (13). Reaching the third floor we can see the stairs leading up to the next section as well as catch a glimpse of the door leading into the Utility Access Hallways which hide the plumbing, electric and mass storage (14). At the top of the East Wing, above the Entrance Hall, we have the Greenhouse and the Small Batch Brewery (15). And above the West Wing Brewery we have the Aviary/Roost (Argie butts on the left =P ) with a Sky Hatchframe for access (16); and then out on the back balcony a scenic view once again (17). Finally we have some exterior views from the NE (18-19) and from the front of the Manor, SW (20).

Thanks for taking the virtual tour (21)! Stay tuned for some eventual follow-up tours as we add new buildings, as well as decorate (you might have noticed some half finished painting >.> ). 

Tour 1.jpg

Tour 2.jpg

Tour 3.jpg

Tour 4.jpg

Tour 5.jpg

Tour 6.jpg

Tour 7.jpg

Tour 8.jpg

Tour 9.jpg

Tour 10.jpg

Tour 11.jpg

Tour 12.jpg

Tour 13.jpg

Tour 14.jpg

Tour 15.jpg

Tour 16.jpg

Tour 17.jpg

Tour 18.jpg

Tour 19.jpg

Tour 20.jpg

Tour 21.jpg

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