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S+ Major Update

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S+ had a major update today.  Servers are currently undergoing an update to apply this new mod update.  Change notes include the following:

Update: Dec 4 @ 9:07pm

- You can now change the side that doors & trapdoors are hinged to doorframes & hatchframes by pressing G while placing
- Inclined Pipes & Wires are now 1 foundation long & 1 wall high (note: existing inclined pipes & wires are unaffected by this change)
- New Structure: Elevator Call Button (click it to call the nearest elevator to your position)
- Updated error message on Pull Repair to indicate it should be used on a damaged item
- Pull Repair will only pull materials if the item is not full durability
- Medium Pillars, Large Pillars, Large Walls & XL Walls now have snap points for internal pipes & wires(note: the status icons do not work well with these large structures, ie if you place an internal wire at the top and bottom of pillar and its only getting power from the bottom, it will display powered but since its not connected to the top, you will be unable to draw power from the top unless you fill the entire pillar with internal wires)
- Ceilings can snap to the top of roofs now
- You can no longer teleport to teleporters outside of your tribe
- You can now enable public teleportation on S+ teleporters
(note: while you can teleport to a public teleporter, you still can not use a public teleporter, that will require a dev kit update)
- Improved how S+ Fence Foundations & Supports snap to Gateways
- S+ Fence Foundations & Supports can now snap perpendicularly to Behemoth Gateways
- Fixed issue that prevented turrets from being placed on structures on the motor boat
- Fixed issue with the pull selected code that caused it to incorrectly pull resources used as fuel(ie it should never pull wood from the forge or gas from a fabricator)
- Fixed issue that could cause ladders to teleport you under the ground (if Quick Climb was enabled)
- Inclusion/Exclusion lists for the feeding troughs and turrets will now add any nearby dinos to their list that are not already included (previously the list was comprised of only dinos that could spawn on that ARK)
- Fixed issue that caused the output log to not update correctly when using the Transfer Tool in single player
- Item Collector, Hatchery & Bee Hive can be named
- S+ Hatchery will no longer collect eggs when its inventory is full

Please make sure you have this update downloaded and installed.

Thank you,


ARK Staff.

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