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Who's Using The New Firefox?

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I'm using it, just started a few days ago, a few things have changed or moved.  So it's taken a moment to get used to and the look is a bit different.  Not that it's a bad thing, I'll probably stick with it Google is big brother as much as Microsoft.  We should all probably just switch to the Tor Browser hahaha.

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I use all, well not all but Chrome FF and Opera, for different purposes. and I use FF for my general browsing. I like the video downloading plugins way better than those of Chrome. when it come to speed and stability I can't say that I notice any difference between them all. 

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On 12/26/2017 at 8:58 PM, VeeVee said:

I'm using it.  The interface has changed a bit, and it took a few moments to get used to the new setup, but I'm happy with it overall.


This is pretty much the same way I feel.  Although there is one plus. . it does use less RAM than Google Chrome. . so anyone who knows me knows I normally have a ton of tabs open at once which is a RAM hog on Chrome.

Overall I'm happy with the switch right now and don't have any complaints.

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I've been using Firefox (Developer Edition) for several years now and I absolutely love it.

Why I use Firefox over Google Chrome:

1) It's not made by Google.  I don't trust what they do with my data.  I don't like how big they have become.  I don't like their politics.

2) Now faster and more lightweight than Chrome.  When I launched Firefox with Quantum engine for first time, I noticed a night and day difference from previous versions of Firefox.

3) Firefox is open source.  Although it's true that most of Chrome is open source (Chromium), Google adds in all of its proprietary evil before deploying.

4) Mozilla advocates privacy, free speech & an open internet.


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