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ADK Aberration Server Dec 12th!

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Hey Survivors!  

ADK ARK is opening a new server December 12th! 


We will be re-purposing our Build server to the new map that is being released. The Aberration server will be open as soon as possible after release on the 12th

This map is supposed to have a whole different game play style - There are no flying mounts allowed - Making this sound like a hard, but also really cool map to try out.


For the time being this server will not be clustered with the other servers. The reason for this is that we are tweaking some of our values and changing some of the mods available on the server for players to have a different, more back to basics experience of the game.

Some of these changes include:

  • XP gain halved to 3x XP.
  • Player level xp values are revamped to have the maximum level be more achievable then it has been. Earlier levels will be harder than it currently is, but later levels will not be nearly as hard as they are on the current live ADK servers. 
  • Max player and dino levels are being adjusted to 200, with levels gained after tame for dinosaurs capping at 200. (this change is happening due to mod changes happening below)
  • The Upgrade Station mod is being removed from the server, and the random loot crate drops are being upped to 5x Value (currenltly 3). We felt that the progression of gear was too fast and players were capable of being to powerful too fast. Players can now obtain higher level gear from the loot drops as well as from caves and world bosses (if there are going to be any on aberration like the ice worm)
  • The Death recovery mod is being removed and replace by the death finder mod. Again we felt like this mod is taking the survival aspect out of the game and removing the risk out of any activity you do in the world. Instead of instantly getting your gear back with the stone, players can use the death helper stone to go back to your body and recover your gear, if you can make it back. A plus side of this change is that it also comes with a suicide potion for when you're in those situations where... well you just need to kill yourself. 

It is our intention to nourish this server for a few months and then bring this server into the cluster at a later date. If we find that people are enjoying these changes we are making as well, we may see them brought into the rest of the cluster with the addition of Aberration.

If you are interested in playing Aberration, or getting into ARK in general it is on sale until the end of tomorrow! If you want the pre order skins for Aberation you have to get the season pass before the release on December 12th!


Please feel free to message me, or any ARK staff with any questions about ARK, Aberration, or the New server settings or values!

Check out our Store page here! https://www.adkgamers.com/store/category/28-ark-survival-donor-packs/ 

And check out our forums! Feel free to post! https://www.adkgamers.com/forums/forum/482-ark-survival-evolved/

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