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Munin's Introduction

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Figured I'd finally take the time to do this since I've been on the discord playing league with people for awhile now.  I'm Narwhal's mildly anti-social boyfriend and internet provider. I'm 29 years of age and work as an analytical chemist at a pharmaceutical company so if anyone needs help with chemistry homework hit me up.  I have a wide range of hobbies like blacksmithing, archery, firearms, origami, board games, fishing, and anime.  I also play a wide range of games like World of Warcraft, world of warships, league of legends, overwatch, pubg, ark, diablo, minecraft, dark souls, starcraft, and mosnter hunter to name a few.  I'm unfortunately mediocre at most games due to diversity and lack of focus on one type of game (except monster hunter i'm pretty boss at that but I don't know many people who play)

Nice to officially meet people,

Munin / the Austin that isn't Seagull.

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@Munin Welcome to the ADK forums... I see that you mentioned you play Minecraft.. We have a hub server that hosts 3 different servers.. Survival/Vanilla w/ Skyblock. Craft of the Titans and Feed The Beast Beyond.. If you would like more info on this hit me up on Discord Im the Veteran Admin for the Minecraft section and I can get ya going!

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Glad to see you having a good time in Discord with others. I know we have a lot of other games that you listed that I'm sure it won't be too hard to find someone to play with. If you need anything else feel free to hit me up. :) 

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