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ARK Boss Event - Dec 2!

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Welcome Survivors!

The Ark Staff will be hosting an event this coming December 2nd, 2017!

What? - An event for everyone to get together and kill the bosses of The ARK, in order to get those spicy Tek Gear Engrams!

When? - Dec 2ND, 2017, at 8pm EST

Where? - The ADK Ragnarok Hived ARK server!

Why? - To all get together for some shenanigans and get some sweet Tekgrams while we're at it!


There are two main bosses in Ragnarok of ARK:



The Dragon

Image result for ark survival evolved bosses

The Manticore

Image result for ark manticore boss dossier


This event is being held in order to have a great deal of fun among ARK players and team up against those mean ol' monsters so we can gain Tekgrams and advance in the game's story!

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Do we have a plan on when the next boss battle shall be? Also if anyone would like to combine gene pools on their Rex breeds let me know. I am mediocre at best in most areas, except for a male breeder with melee at 90 points. 

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