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New World of Warcraft Expansion - Battle for Azeroth

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Many people are saying that the Battle of Azeroth is finally an expansion where World of Warcraft is going back to basics. Below I'll put some of the new features as well as a few videos, and let us know what you think of this new expansion. 


General Updates:

  • Two new continents
  • Warcraft 3-inspired Warfronts
  • Six new races to unlock
  • Level Cap increased to 120


  • Tiragarde Sound is the main hub, populated by hearty monster hunters and vicious pirates. 
  • Drustvar is a forested mountain region to the south battling a terrible curse that is consuming its citizens. 
  • To the north of Tiragarde is Stormsong Valley, a lush, green land ruled by House Stormsong and a group of sea priests who build boats for the Kul Tiran navy.


  • Zuldazar is the capital and only secure region on the continent—but maybe not for long, thanks to an internal uprising and raids from blood troll marauders to the north. 
  • Naz'mir is a festering swampland to the north and home to savage blood trolls who players will defeat by enlisting the aid of Loa, gods whom the trolls worship.
  • Vol'dun is a sweeping desert ravaged by legions sent by the Old Gods. Inhabited by the criminal exiles of the Zandalri tribes, players will befriend a race of cute fox-people to fight back against the slithering sethrak.

Dungeons and raids:

  • 10 total Dungeons and Raids in Battle for Azeroth
  • Horde and Alliance will each have access to four
    • Once level 120 all ten dungeons open
  • Mythic+ system from Legion is returning
    • Enemies will have special affixes which change behavior in combat

Open World PVP

  • Blizzard is scrapping PVP servers and in turn creating an entirely new ruleset for opting into open world PVP. 
  • New PVP Brawls
    • Battleground will have unique effects like gravity being turned off. 
  • New Battleground arriving with patch 7.3.5


Feature Video:





@justicarABand myself look forward to seeing new faces on WoW!  If you're looking for a place to hang out, we'd love to have you around! Feel free to join us on Discord and the forums!

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Hey!  Does anyone know if this expansion is going to focus more on PVP due to the trailer and title?  I heard rumors that it was going to primarily focus on PvE content, which is surprising to me and almost a slight bit misleading.  It almost feels as if they are taking the game back to the old days of Horde V Ally super hard.

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