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New computer case

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I found a new computer case  that would be a really good gamer case.  It's the NZXT H700i and I don't have one, but really, really wasn't one.  Maybe on my next computer build.

NZXT H700i computer case

This case has the following:

A clear with a black board on the  tempered glass window

A really cool cable management system (check out the back of the case)

Three hard drive bays on the front of the case for SSD's, two SSD bays in the back, and two HDD bays in the back.

It has a Cam software powered device for RGB lighting and Case fans which is pretty cool.  It will take both 3 pin fans and PWM 4 pin fans.

Welp if your interest you can read the rest on the site above and as always look at the reviews on youtube.

Just wanted to let the system builders know about this awesome new case.

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That's a nice case, though for the case modding thrill in me I like a clean template.  One of my first was a basic black case. I cut in my own dragon, windows, and symbols(fun with Dremel tools and metal splinters!).  Then added cold cathode lighting and did an exterior paint job(two tone crackle paint).  I'll have to find the pics.  There's something to be said for building your own and modding.  My latest is the Corsair 550D http://www.corsair.com/en-us/obsidian-series-550d-mid-tower-quiet-case 

I was going for a quiet case and I put in a liquid cooled system.  In part because I've never done one before and I hoped it would be quiet.  It is relatively quiet and it was kind of fun to build.  I don't mean a small self contained "liquid" cool system that are easy to install.  I mean putting in your own radiator, reservoir, tubing and cooling block.  It was a little bit of a challenge but again a fun job.  Come to think of it as soon as I get it out of storage I should probably change the water in the system.  Anyway your looking at a cool case and as always consider the options.

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I ended up with the Phanteks P400S to swap my older parts in for now.  I will probably get the Phanteks Pro M for my Ryzen build when I can afford it.  I'm really liking Phanteks cases and have built three computers in them so far.

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Sorry haven't been around for a bit. 

I have windows on a usb drive, and haven't used a dvd/cd drive in a few years, so I didn't see a need for one.  

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