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Ark Server Updates!

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Ark Server Updates

Our servers have had a few updates that we from the ark section are glad to bring to you, our players! These include updates that will have our servers (and your birds) operating faster, your load times much shorter, and a few new things to do in the server!

Donation Packages-  

We from the Ark Section are proud present that the we have COMPLETELY REVAMPED our selection of donation packages! You can now find anything from packages of skins, to resource kits, even to entire dinos, and much more!

You can find these HERE --> Ark Server Donor Packs


Mod Updates -

    We went through our mod list and removed 3 mods, along with adding 1 new mod!

  • "Flight Speed Soup" has been added
    • This mod adds in several tiers of a new soup that will give your flyers up to a temp 3x speed boost!
  • "OSM Admin" has been removed
  • "Saixang" has been removed
  • "Homing Pigeon" has been removed


Server Setting Updates- 

    A few of our server settings have been tweaked in order to make the server a better play experience!

  • The time between each server save has been changed from 15 minutes to 30 minutes
    • This is to help combat lag on the servers
  • The Titanosaur now has the ability to eat food, allowing for them to be tamed and kept indefinitely
    • NOTE- only one titan is permitted per tribe (for more info see rules)


Looking to the Future-

  • We are still looking towards the Abberation DLC, although WildCard has announced that it will be delayed by "a few weeks" so we keep our spyglasses on it until then


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to ask our Ark Staff!

- @Gingergod5 , @FeistyTV , @Clamson , @Gunnar , @FrogyIA , @TurboTechie


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