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ADK ARK Server Voting

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Thanks for playing on our ARK Servers! We'd love it if you vote daily for our servers to help show your support!


  • Votes reset on a monthly basis
  • Individuals are able to vote once a day for three servers
  • A stream account is required to vote
    • Make sure you log in when voting to place your vote



All of the ADK servers are funded by the community. This means that we need donations from players like you to keep the servers open for play. If you are not able to support us in this way then that is perfectly fine and we are happy to have you all the same, but donations are really important and we appreciate any and all support to keep the servers up and running. 

If you are interested in making a donation to the ARK servers, please go here, and select "Donate Now" make sure you select the ARK: Survival Payments" from the drop down menu to make sure you are donating to the right section within ADK. Again, thank you so much!

If you are not able to donate, then that's fine! There are tons other ways that you can help us! You can vote for the ARK servers in the Ark-servers.net listings. The higher up on the listings we are, the more potential players we could have, more players means more friends to play with! To vote for the servers go here, make sure you vote for each server individually, you must go all the way through logging into your steam in order for your vote to be cast. Remember, you can vote once every 24 hours also which means you can come back tomorrow and vote again! These listings are extremely helpful in bringing in some new faces!

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To help make it easier to vote, here's direct links to each of ARK Servers to vote for them.

Once you click any of the links provided above you'll see a 'Sign In Through Steam' which is how you'll cast your vote.


Thanks for voting!

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