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Oct 2. S+ Update

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Update: 2 Oct @ 7:14pm

- PullResourceAdditions config functions correctly for other mod items now
- Feeding Trough ranges can be set via config now (default range: 35 foundations, Tek: 70)
- New Config Options: FeedingTroughAdditionalRangeInFoundations & TekFeedingTroughAdditionalRangeInFoundations
(note: resource & dino spawns will be blocked within the feeding radius... the Land Claimer is back!)
- All auto-craft BPs are now visible in their crafting stations (they still auto-craft, just now you see the crafting progress and can use pull selected on them)
- Pull Selected Resources will no longer pull water skins, water jars or canteens
- Decayed Pipes, Wires & Fences will become visible on server restarts
- Fixed issue with Euthanasia Gun not being able to target certain dinos
- The S+ Multi-Lamp now uses the same placement code as the Tek Light (this allows it to place on more surfaces correctly and is less taxing on the server)
(note: existing Multi-Lamps will have reset their orientation... benefit of this change is this is 100% the last time and also will work with rafts and saddles)
- New Structure: S+ Tek Light (same color options as S+ Multi-Lamp, can use any power or element shard for power)
- Water Taps are now silent
- The Remote can now open and close doors and will remember its mode between uses
- Transfer Gun will remember its source between uses now (ie you can put it away)
- Transfer Gun will transfer to dinos now and will transfer blueprints
- The Transfer Gun will no longer transfer out of structures with the PreventPulling tag (this is to allow other mods to have containers that are off limits to the pull system)
- S+ Industrial Cooker can pull water from connected water tanks (if not using an intake)
- S+ Tek items can now only be crafted at the S+ Tek Replicator
- Squid Oil is now identified as such on the resource pull list
- Hitching Post will no longer take damage when not actually hit
- Fixed gap in glass roof when placed side by side
- Drastically reduced the cost of the S+ Tek ATV (let's be real, you are going to lose it)
- The Nanny now has an activation cooldown of 90 seconds (she can not be picked up during this time)
- Increased Nanny max imprint increment for servers with faster maturation rates 
- Resource Pulling, Transfer Tool & Gun now uses the baby age to determine the appropriate max weight for non-adult dinos
- Resource Pulling, Transfer Tool & Gun will now take in account any item weight multipliers on the target inventory (ie metal in an Ankylo)
- Humanoid collectors (ie Nanny, Farmer, etc) should be less likely to disrobe
- Fixed issue that could cause pull resource buttons to remain visible when the inventory was not
- Fixed issue with torches losing their flame properties after a restart in single player
- Fixed issue with chemistry bench pulling too much
- Possible fix for falling through flipped staircases after a restart

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