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MAJOR S+ structures update

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Update: 24 Sep @ 9:03pm

- Resource Pulling has been completely revamped:
• Resource pulling buttons are now a part of the vanilla UI and appear on the top of every inventory(dino, structure, yourself, vanilla and all mods)
• Pulling resources for a selected item will now account for blueprint quality
• A new button has been added to handle pulling resources to repair the selected item(also accounts for quality)
• Pulling non-stackable items(ie prime meat) will no longer rest the spoil timer
• Fertilizer has been added to the resource pull list
• Server operators can now add any resource they wish(vanilla or mod) to the resource pull list via config settings(see config discussion for info)
• Default pull radius has been increased to 25 foundations and the max is now 100 foundations
• Pull Selected will no longer pull resources that have been removed from the pull list via the config 
• Fixed issue with pull selected that caused it to incorrectly calculate resources transferred(ie wood)
• The resource list is now alphabetization on the client so it should be in the correct order for all users
• Pull gun has been removed
• The config options "DisablePullSelected" & "ResourcePullListOrder" have been removed
• New Config Options: PullResourceAdditions & PullResourceRemovals
- Glass Optimization: all structures with a glass tier(ie all foundations, walls, etc) are now less taxing on the server & clients, also use less disk space in saved worlds
*note: glass settings on existing structures will be reset due to the optimization pass*
- S+ Smithy & S+ Fabricator can now also craft S+ variants of their items

- New Structure: S+ Blueprint Maker (converts structures to blueprints)
- New Structure: S+ Converter (converts vanilla structures & blueprints to their S+ counterpart and vice versa... will only convert items you know the S+ engram for by default)
- New Structure: Hitching Post (dino in range will have a new radial menu option "Hitch Dino", which will prevent them from moving even if set to wander)
- New Structure: S+ Tek Trough (adjustable range, accepts preserving salt)
- New Structure: S+ Nanny (feeds nearby babies and also increases imprinting of nearby non-adult dinos, uses honey for fuel)
- New Structure: S+ Animal Tender (collects items from dinos that passively produce resources, ie Achatina, Dung Beetle, Squid)
- New Structure: S+ Ballista Turret (ammo = Spear Bolts, slow reload but deals high damage especially to dinos)
- New Structure: S+ Cannon Turret (ammo = Cannon Balls)
- New Structure: S+ Flame Turret (ammo = Flamethrower Ammo, will cause riders to dismount and unmounted dinos to flee)
- New Structure: S+ Minigun Turret (ammo = Adv. Sniper Ammo, the auto turret's big brother)
- New Structure: S+ Rocket Turret (ammo = Rocket)
- New Structure: S+ Tranq Turret (ammo = Tranq Darts, deals no dmg, applies its torpor over 2 sec and only targets conscious beings)
- New Structure: S+ Plant Species X (has all of the advanced targeting features of the tek turret)
- New Item: S+ Plant Species X Seed (use the converter bench to convert vanilla seed to S+)
- New Item: Euthanasia Gun (will instantly kill any tamed dino you have permission to ride, right click to mark for death then left click to kill)
- New Item: S+ Underwater Tool (allows quick change of vacuum compartments, has 3 modes: Open, Close & Freeze)
- New Item: S+ Remote (turns things on and off)
- New Vehicle: S+ Tek ATV (has an inventory, pick up able, repairable)
- New UI: Tek Turret's configuration settings are now condensed into a single window. Additionally, the inclusion/exclusion list of dinos will now always list every dino available on that ARK.

- Feeding Trough range can now be adjusted via the radial menu(up to 100 foundations max)
- Feeding Troughs are now lockable
- You can now set an inclusion/exclusion list on the S+ Feeding Trough & S+ Tek Trough (you can limit what dinos can eat from the trough)
*note: Dinos that are excluded from eating from a trough will still have the icon above them but they will not consume food from it*
- The Transfer Gun has been renamed the Transfer Tool and was completely revamped (it now allows you to do things that were very tedious such as moving ammo from storage containers and distributing it evenly among all your turrets, or metal from dinos and evenly distribute among forges, it is now quite a powerful tool)
- Item Collector will no longer pick up items if it's inventory is full
- Item Collector will now pick up Black & Silica Pearls that are pooped by Phoenixes
- Doors, Gates & Trapdoors will no longer be obstructed if using placement collision
- Pipes & Wires will no longer use placement collision checking
- Many structures had their collision boxes changed to be placeable when placement collision is turned on
- S+ Crafting Station now properly listed at level 1
- Fixed issue that prevented the Mutator from properly recognizing when Element had been removed from its inventory
- Fixed issue that caused the S+ Bookshelf to not respect inventory slot count config setting
- Fiber can be removed from the S+ Industrial Grinder via config 
- Metal Half Walls can be painted 
- Crafting structures now have damage resistance that matches their appearance(ie fabricator is treated as metal)
- Demo Gun will no longer pick up environmental structures like Water Veins when used by an admin
- Pull selected in the S+ Chemistry Bench will pull the correct amount of resources
- Cycle Glass Model radial menu option has been removed
- Crafting cost of most glass structures has been increased to match their greenhouse counterparts(it was a mistake they required fewer crystals than the greenhouse tier)
- You can now pulse the S+ Mutator without going into the inventory
- DisablePickupAfterTime config option now applies to all structures in the mod(previously only applied to building structures, ie foundations, walls, etc)
- S+ Chemistry Bench engram level set to 82
- Improved the alphabetization of the list of dinos in the Dino Scanner window. Results will now display the class name so you can more easily differentiate between mods with similar named dinos. 
- S+ Fabricator, S+ Ind. Cooking Pot, S+ Ind. Forge, S+ Grill & S+ Grinder now default to electric power(can still be swapped to gas)
- S+ Replicator & S+ Tek Shield now default to wireless(Tek Generator) power
- S+ Replicator is now silent
- S+ Industrial Grinder crafting engrams can now be used without having learned the grinder engram
- Fixed issue with S+ Sloped Vacuum Compartments that caused the floor to always appear frozen
- You can no longer freeze an open vacuum compartment side
- Utility Guns are no longer blocked by underwater compartments
- Changed the S+ Africanized Bee Hive's crafting recipe to remove the vanilla beehive (for compatibility with other mods)
- S+ Farmer now uses Calien Soup for fuel (for compatibility with Prim+ players)
- Windows will no longer snap to the middle of roofs
- Changed the S+ Bookshelf model
- S+ Cloning Chamber will no longer lose cloning progress when power is lost(simply re-start when power is restored)
- Fixed issue that sometimes caused trapdoors placed in sloped hatchframes to appear too short
- Fixed issue that caused settings set from the turret gun to not show up immediately(for real this time)
- S+ Auto Turret now has all of the same advanced targeting options as the tek turret
- Turret Configurator no longer turns turrets on and off and can not transfer ammo
- Barrel of the S+ Auto Turret now spins when firing
- Using the Dino Scan function in single player will now display a message explaining why it doesn't work and how to fix it
- Sulphur can be placed in S+ feeding troughs now
- Signs can be placed on S+ Fridges, Storage Boxes, Beds & Feeding Troughs
- The back side of stone half walls is paintable
- Fixed roof snap point issue that caused them to be too short when used over long distances
- Large & XL Hatchframes now have snap points for ramps

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