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Rank and Time

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5 Months so like the middle of this season and I'm low silver elo :( still trying to find my one trick to carry me to higher elo's ;) (aka Annie). 

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League was one of my first PC games, my first ever account was made back in 2011. and my new (main) account "kligidee" was made in late 2012.

Been playing on and off since then, But I've been playing without taking long breaks from the game for a solid year at least. Middle school was when I played daily with friends :)

I now play at least a game a day and my current rank is Silver 5 solo/duo, and Silver 4 Flex

Haven't really had the motivation/time to climb anymore, but I think i'm getting better by just playing normals. I want to be really comfortable with the game before I try climbing out of silver anymore :P

I know I'm not the best at the game, but I do have a hell of a time playing it :MobNotch:

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I currently have 2 accounts in gold (4,5) and my old main account is in promos for gold. I mainly play on Tuhndra now though, I made the other accounts to play with my bronze friends way back when. Hard to believe one of them is Diamond now and I'm not xD. I took too long of breaks that was my issue. 

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On 10/2/2017 at 1:03 PM, GENERALSTEEL said:

I started playing in the middle of season 2, highest rank was silver 3 or 4 in season 5 i think

Get out of silver ;)

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