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How's it going everyone, I just found your community by Googling "gaming community" so here I am.

I'm 26 and my IRL name is Rex (seriously)

I go to Uni at UIUC

I usually try and play at least 15 -20 hrs a week.

I've been a console player for quite some time and just built my rig a short time ago.

I enjoy playing Dead by Daylight, Overwatch, Rust, CS:GO, and Gang Beasts.

However, as my gaming library expands I'll be playing different titles. I enjoy a wide range genres.

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Welcome to ADK! 

There are quite a few people who share some common games with you. Dead by daylight and Overwatch are in my library.

In case you were looking for something to do on Friday nights at 8pm CST we host Overwatch in houses, we group up hang out play some fun custom game modes followed by some competitive ruleset matches between ourselves for fun.

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Hello @Mr_Fancy_Ears Im curious by UNI do you mean University of Northern Iowa.. 

Im in Iowa.. We are a gaming Family Im the Minecraft Veteran Admin for ADK.. My husband is the Ark Manager for ADK and My daughter is an ADK Member.. If you have an questions please feel free to reach out! I hope  you enjoy your time here and Its nice to meet you!

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