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Oh sweet! ADK has league in houses on Sunday nights. I am not 100% positive on the time but @Seagull could probably give you some more info on that. We have quite a few league players in the community

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Hey, welcome to ADK :)

I see that you play League of Legends. We have quite a few that play here.

We host inhouses every Sunday at 7pm central time! So we will host one today if you would like to join us!

You can add me on League also IGN: Kligidee (NA)

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4 hours ago, BrassyIA said:

Welcome to ADK I hope you enjoy your stay here.. We have lots of League of Legends players in the community.. You can join them in Discord.. Heres an invite for your convienence https://discord.gg/xFHaFvP

can i click on it? (inside joke)

6 hours ago, MichaelBae said:

Im Michael and im here to hopefully play some games with you people, maybe even enjoy doing it, controversially 

Welcome to ADK i hope you enjoy your stay!

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