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RP PvP Event  

3 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you be interested in doing this? If yes you agree to follow the rules stated below.

    • Yes
    • No

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I was approached by CMDR Subsync to do a RP PvP scenario. I talked it over with Montage just to see what he thought and he and I are in the same boat in that it sounds like a lot of fun.

It would be a simple guard and defend scenario where we "A Different Kind mercs" are hired for a job to protect or escort an item we have not discussed yet (could be an outpost or even a freighter) and The Chaos Empire want whatever it is we are protecting and will do anything to get it. This would be strictly RP so trashtalk is to be expected but not personal. Subsync is a great guy who will say things in character like "Federal scum" and whatnot just because his character is an anarchist not because he intends to insult you specifically as a person. 

This would be a pvp scenario so expect to lose rebuy if you participate. One of the ground rules I have been thinking of putting in place is maybe vanilla ships only (no engineering) just so the playing field is as even as it can be. Subsync and his guys are really good pilots so it will be tough but it will all be in good fun.


  1. Toxicity will not be tolerated. This is in good fun so behave and just play a character.
  2. Meta gaming is to be kept to a bare minimum during the scenario.
  3. Dying will result in the end of your participation in this specific scenario. Just means don't fly back and keep fighting if you die. 

Other rules to come as results of the vote come through but that is all for now

Fly Safe CMDRs

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3 hours ago, Th3eRaz3r said:

For the old guy in the room, wth is 'meta gaming'.
Sent from my SM-G955U using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app

Th3Raz3r,  if Wikipedia is accurate, this is how it describes 'meta-gaming' for space simulations:

"In space simulation action games like Star Conflict or Star Citizen, metagaming occurs in selecting the ship class, weapons, shields and active ship modules in regard to game mode or the kind of team play. Metagaming in the player vs player mode (PvP) plans and realizes ship builds and teamplay mechanics according to the most damaging weapons, the escapes available to ships, the duration of crowd control effects, etc. The abbreviation meta may refer to a term in gamer slang for what works currently on the highest competitive level and what is the leading type of ships or multiplayer strategy, for example."

In other words, we might be limited to non-Engineered, stock ships.  Not sure if this is what Killik has in mind, but it seems reasonable.

Edited by Diettinger

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@Th3eRaz3rwhere Diettinger is correct the context that I was talking about was in RP. Meta gaming is talking out of character and discussing things that their character wouldn't know which could influence decisions therefor being an unfair advantage. Its more of an issue in DnD type scenarios where it is turn-based but it still can be an issue in any RP. I just want it minimalized to make the experience more in-depth.

Edited by KillikHiveMind

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