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Hey there everyone, my names Alex, I'm 24 and from Northamptonshire in the UK. I stumbled across you guys when checking reddit this evening. I used to be part of a clan a few years back when I was big into console gaming, but after having transitioned to PC I found that there wasn't really anyone around and since then I've always been looking for a community to join up. I'm a fairly social kind of guy, not the most competitive but always up for playing a bunch of different games when I can! Saldy working life means I'm normally only around most evenings and weekends but really hoping to get into a few games with people here and get a bit more social! (games become less fun after a while when you don't know anyone xD ) 


Anyways hope your all good and thanks for having me! :)

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Thanks for the welcome all :) so I float around games but really enjoying pubg, I've got destiny 2 ready for when that's released and I like mmos (wow, bdo, ff14, esoteric and gw2) but that's a genre I've neglected for a while now. I may try get into that more as time goes on :)

I play fps games too so battlefront 1 (and 2 when it's out no doubt, bloody love star wars) and the battlefield series too. Though I wouldn't count on me to be great, in fact I'm pretty awful at all fps games :L 

EDIT: I will also mention I like alot of single player games too, recently Nier Automata for example, so always down for discussions on those kinds of games too 

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Awsome! We play some battlefield 1 but mostly its battlefield 4 since we have a server for it. I personally play GW2 and its awsome to see another person that plays that. We have a big WoW section so I hope you will enjoy that. Hope you enjoy it here!

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Ahh nice, I did really like bf4 and havnt played it for a while so I might jump on at some point :)

GW2 is great, and the new expansion looks awesome, it could be something I pick up and get back into. Eso was my main mmo but I've started to grow tired of it now

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