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Who is your favorite champion(s)

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Ever since Lucian was released back in late 2013 I have loved his concept, and play style. I have been playing him a lot this past few months, and currently working on getting mastery 6 and 7 on him. I quit playing ADC after awhile because I got a bit bored, but I'm starting to love it again :)



Image result for ezreal gif

Ezreal also is another one of my favorites. He is also very fun to play adc. He also has some really cool skins ;)


Other champs I like to play:




Miss Fortune





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On 10/2/2017 at 0:55 PM, GENERALSTEEL said:

Before her rework i played Sej almost exclusivly, after her rework I play way more poppy and reksai in the jungle and poppy and ornn in the top lane, support is thresh or my boy naut lol

Yeah she's changed quite a bit

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I have been playing AP Cho'Gath Mid since 2009 and it has been my baby ever since.  I have probably close to 10k games if not more on that champion, so he is the clear cut favorite.

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On 12/26/2017 at 11:16 PM, Kroonerer said:

Oh yes! And Rammus jungle is so much fun. Especially with Righteous glory. Zoom zoom zoom!!!

I haven't seen your pro rammus skills yet

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