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      H1Z1 Whitelist Server Application Process - MUST READ FIRST   04/25/2016

      PLEASE KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON YOUR APPLICATION AS WE WILL POST THERE WITH ANYTHING WE NEED.     SO YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING OUR WHITELISTED SERVER All information regarding it can be found here. Hope to see you in game soon. If you have any questions please contact anyone in H1Z1 Leadership   First Step is to register on our site, once you have done that you can fill out this applications:     Rules: (These rules can be changed at anytime by Leadership - if a change is made all Whitelisted Members will be notified by a Message on our Forums - Please make sure to follow THIS forum to keep up to date on all information regarding the server and rules, this section can only be seen by members that have been accepted onto the server)   No Hacking No Glitching No Exploits This includes the Crowbar not taking damage exploit along with any other melee weapon No Stream Sniping No Buidling in areas that are not accessible by normal means (i.e. building on top of buildings)  This is not working as intended therefor not allowed. No building Structures through other structures (Only Exception - Large Structure through a gate) This includes player and non player buildings NO FLOATING SHELTERS Any Rule that is enforced by Daybreak Gaming will be enforced here No Third Party Applications (Quote From DayBreak Regarding this):   We have a 3 Strike Policy: (Depending on the severity of the action it could be less) 1. Warning (Verbal Warning In Game) 2. Kick (Verbal Warning In Game) 3. Permanent Ban   If you have any issues with ANY players in game, or you see someone hacking/cheating we have a section where you can report these players. This means that everyone playing on the server can be reported; including ADK members.    Understanding the Application process   There is only a few of us that can give out keys to the server. While it would be nice to have 24 hour round the clock accepting applications or making it a automated response it takes away from the accountability of checking the players out. Applications will be responded to as quickly as possible, and should receive a response within 2 Days.   If more information is needed on your application we will ask, if you do not response to us within 5 Days, your application will be denied and you will need to reapply.   Making The Application Go Faster   To be sure someone in your group gets in quickly really depends on them, and here are a few things that will delay an application in which will require more time. Answering NO to server rules or Hacking/Cheating Policy Someone with a New Steam account Not giving us your steam link Having your profile on Private Common Mistakes    If you have a message saying that you have been Accepted and you have nothing in your email or junk email please verify your email address that you provided when you registered on =ADK= website. I have seen several times now this  has been the issue.   Please be sure that you are logged into your proper daybreak account when activating your key.      Other Things to Know Please Do NOT put in more then one application. If there is a error on your application, we will respond to it and you can correct it there. By adding more then one application you are slowing down the application process for everyone.   You do not have to join ADK in order to be on this server, so please make sure you are applying to the proper applications.   ADK Disclaimer ADK Leadership reserves the right to decline an application or remove a key at anytime for any reason.   Playing on our server is a privilege not a right.   **EMAILS REGARDING THE SERVER** By signing up for the ADK Whitelisted Server you understand that from time to time we will send you emails regarding the server. As everyone is not on our forums 24/7 or on our Team Speak we need a viable way to communicate with the server members. Please read the pinned topic for more information regarding this and actions that might be taken if you do not agree or mark our emails as spam. What happens if I select NO on the application? If you select NO on the application, you application will be on hold until you accept that portion of the application.  As stated above we need to communicate with members of the server regarding important information What happens if I mark the email as SPAM at any time? As we can track every individual who marks an email as SPAM we will be notified when you do.  We take SPAM emails just as serious as you, which is why we do not sell or send you anything that isn't related to the ADK Whitelisted Server Marking emails as SPAM will result in an automatic removal from the H1Z1 Whitelisted Server.  If you truly do not want IMPORTANT notifications regarding the server you can always unsubscribe at the bottom of the email at any time. If we find that you are complaining about something that was notified via email and you unsubscribed, there will be a temporary suspension from the server if you continue to make complaints.    So as we have mentioned, we take SPAM emails very seriously. Just like you, we hate them. But we do need to communicate with server members from time to time, and as you are a part of this server we would like to communicate with you.        Application for the server can be found here: CLICK HERE TO APPLY
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      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 

Message from Daybreak

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Badwater Canyon and Early Access

We just released the first update towards the new direction of Just Survive last week and followed that up with a feedback-driven hotfix yesterday.

There have been a lot of changes with the release of Badwater Canyon and of course, there’s also been a lot of feedback. We also know that there's been some frustration surrounding the update, too.

We hear that many of you have been frustrated that this seems like a step backwards as much as a step forwards. For every new feature or fix we've added, it feels to you like another feature was taken away. The game has changed, and will continue to change as long as we're in Early Access. This is one of the downsides of the transparency of Early Access - in a traditional retail product, this happens all the time but it isn't typically visible to the players because the previous iterations aren’t public.

We made a decision many months ago that we couldn't continue to support Z1 and the game’s trajectory at that time - BWC is not just a new map but effectively a new game, and we simply couldn't split ourselves across two separate games. The slower progress made towards Badwater Canyon in the early months of this year while we supported the Z1 feature set wasn’t something we could continue. At the same time, we couldn't let Live languish with a stale Z1 for a year while Test had the current version of BWC at the time - it is no surprise that interest was dwindling on Live due to the lack of updates, and certainly many of you in the community raised that concern as well. The team has always believed and continues to believe that this was the right choice in a difficult decision for the game, and ultimately the one that benefits our players the most in the long run. But it was not without difficulty, and the Just Survive team is one of the most passionate I’ve worked on over the course of my career. I wake up every morning and check reddit. It’s also the last thing I check before I go to bed. It is no easy decision to make an unpopular move, but it was the one we had to make for the future success of the game.

With this first release of Badwater Canyon, we're able to make more frequent updates to the game and keep the entire team focused on lasting improvements to the game without the split focus that slowed much of our development throughout the early months of 2017. This August update is the foundation on which the rest of the game will be built, and now that that foundation is in place, you'll see an update cadence that is greatly accelerated. Gone are the days of four months between Live updates - in fact, you'll see Metal Stronghold pieces in just a few weeks. You'll see the Clan and Stronghold Reputation systems following the Metal Stronghold update, and a ton of new content (like new map regions including cities and other awesome POIs) after that.

I plan on posting a Producer's letter next week that covers many of the new features we have on the slate for the coming months. We won't be providing dates for specific features, because the reality is that we'll be getting them to you as fast as we can. But we will provide some general timeline expectations and a rough order in which you'll see those roadmap features appear.

We understand this is hard for a lot of you that have been around from the beginning. For us, this is our new beginning and one we feel strongly about. We all sincerely hope that you’ll continue to join us as we flesh out this new JS experience for you in the months ahead.

e: https://twitter.com/Bagelbeard/status/900872118065184768

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