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Hello (Not new, just came back)

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Well technically I'm not new, if you look at my registration, but I'm new because I wasn't active. At the time I was registered, my PC was dead and I was hoping I would fix it soon, but I didn't fix it until 3 months later. I was hyped to play Rainbow Six at the time and now I'm finally playing it. I also play League of Legends occasionally and just recently got into PoE. I got most games that this community plays so might get into them too once I get adapted here a little bit.


Lots of awesome changes to the site since last time I was here. Anyways sorry for ditching you guys, but yeah my PC was shit so there was no much point trying to be too active. I found several gaming communities I wanted to join, but applying for them seems harder than applying for a damn job - just asking way too many things. Here it seems like a perfect balance ;)

I'll join your Discord soon too


Anyways good to be back and hope to stay here this time. I'll def try hard this time 

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Welcome back to ADK! :) Glad you'll be able to join us for some games. The league of legends community here hosts weekly inhouses at 8 PM EST on Sundays. You should check them out! Hope to see you on discord soon and get to know you better.

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