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Mincraft Server Bug Report/Suggestions

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This thread is for you to make it easier on everyone for notifying us of problems, bugs, or other suggestions you might all have with our server's.


Please keep in mind this is only for notifying us of issues It's not a forum for bashing my staff or rude comments.. If I see any of this I will hide your post and warning points will be issued! I appreciate everyone's cooperation with this!






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I'd like to add to Noobs idea.

Server: Vanilla

Date: Aug 29

Suggestion: To make an ever expanding worldborder. It would keep players playing together at the beginning and have us working together, then later on people could go and build their giant structures and such as the border increases. 

The border size could increase at different speeds. For example, it could be slow at the beginning and slowly speed up as the server progresses. 

Not sure how possible it would be but think it would be a fun idea!


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1.13 Vanilla server

Did some testing because I noticed that after I was given my ADK tags that items where missing from my personal inventory and now anytime I sleep I get smacked. I did ask around the server and no one else has stated to have the same issues but I do believe that everyone may have started out with there ADK tags.

Items missing were wheat, potatoes, and a treasure map after given my tags and logging out of the server. Again since given my tags this has not happened. As for the bed I have moved it around many places with no other blocks around it and every time I still get the smacked animation, hearts and food bar flash, sometimes doing about half a heart and causing durability damage to my armor. I tested this by sleeping night after night with out getting in any fights with mobs or taking fall damage to see if the durability does go down. Not a big deal just reporting it and I'll just do what I would do in real life and not sleep in armor lol

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1.13 Vanilla server at about 8:45am on Aug 20th

I broke a large chest full of cobblestone to move it from where it was. In less than 2 minutes what was left on the ground despawned before I could grab the rest of it at place it in its new spot. I have also found that with this despawning of items that tree saplings and chicken eggs have been doing the same quite a bit. I will hear chickens lay eggs and go in there but not see any. This even happens from time to time while I am in the pin with them. I hear the pop noise and start running around and no egg.

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1.13 Vanilla server SO LONG AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH....

Ya so I have noticed for a long time that I have stopped seeing any fish or even squid but thought that it may be because I was near a winter biome. Brassy and I ran around the server and there are none spawning in anywhere. Saw some turtles close to spawn and that is about it.

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