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    • Dowin

      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 

=ADK= Gaming Community Update | August 2017 |

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Hello ADK Members & Registered Users, 


 We here at ADK Gaming Community come forth to you today to give you some updates on where we are in the gaming sections an community. Some of you might hate this email but hey we love you anyways haha. So to break down somethings for you in this email I am going to give you a community update as well as each game section update that they sent up t us to inform you all so if you play a certain game an or all of them that we are in/offer to you an have not been around well this is for you.......

So onward an upward to this information and fun news for you!



Community Update

Website updates:  Here in the next couple of weeks we will be doing website updates. When this start or just before it the Founder AOBLXIX will make a post about it in the Community News forum section which you can find there at this link--->(CLICK ME)  He will go over everything in the topic of what will be changing an so forth. Please keep in mind that when we do start the updates access to our site will be limited at times an or unable to access it while we work on it. But rest assured you can always join us on discord to stay up to date on it an our gaming sections. 



First and foremost The recruitment team would like to thank you for being with ADK in the form of either a guest or a member.

Our team since the last update has reworked how we review possible applications and made it a little easier to join the ADK ranks as well as added a few new faces and returning faces to the team.

The new Recruitment process

adkpoint.png Must join Discord

adkpoint.png Must make 10 quality posts on our forums

adkpoint.png Must make an introduction post

adkpoint.png Must fill out an application


~~~~ We accept new members only on Mondays ~~~~ 


Whether you're a guest or a member we do highly encourage you to post on new introduction posts to help new potential members feel welcome here. Plus it's a good way to break the ice if someone plays the same games as you.

** Hint ~ If you are not a member this is a good way to increase your post count **


The introduction thread can be found via the link: (CLICK ME)

Enjoy your time here and make sure to welcome any new face you see in discord and on the forums!



(Click the banner to join our discord server)


Be sure to join us on Discord!  There are lots of members and games to play, and fun to be had! Click HERE!

The Discord Admin group is still looking for members interested in joining our ranks!  If you've been a member for a while and are active on the Discord and feel like you can make a positive influence on the community - Click HERE!

Please also be sure to check out these helpful rules and guides:  RULES  |  Muting Guide |  


Now with that said let get to the Section Game updates & Information! 


Game Updates/Information:



Hi from the ADK ARK Staff!

As of right now ARK is set to release on PC on August 31st! We are super excited and hope that you guys will come check out the severs now that the game will be fully released. 

We have opened up a new server for our players. This server will not be part of the hive and will be centered around building to your hearts content! 

> Build Server Connection Info <

steam://connect/  (Query Port:7781)

> Build Server Mod List <



There are loads of building opportunities with the building mods that we have put on this server, being hosted on the center, one of ARKs most scenic map! We hope you come check it out, and share with us your crazy builds

Hived Server Status Report!

We currently have four hived servers that players can play and transfer from sever to server. We recently added the new map Ragnarok

to our server hive and it is a great experience! There are loads of caves to explore and new dinosaurs to experience! This map is still in development, but even

in its incomplete state, the map is massive and gorgeous! We cant wait for the scorched section of the map to be released and see how it effects the players on the map!


Here is the connection info for our hived servers: 

The Center Direct Join Link: steam://connect/  (Query Port:7777)

Scorched Earth  Direct Join Link: steam://connect/ (Query Port:7775)

The Island Direct Join Link: steam://connect/ (Query Port:7779)

Ragnarok Direct Join Link: steam://connect/ (Query Port:7783)

Feel free to reach out to the ARK staff if you have any questions! Bye for now!

@FeistyTV @Gunnar @Clamson @FrogyIA @TurboTechie @Dowin



ARMA 3 Exile

The ARMA 3 Exile Server has now being going strong nearly 2 years.
We have a committed bunch of Admins and Developers that strive to maintain a fair and flawless enjoyment.

At the moment we are working on the server and hope to bring it back up with in a few weeks.

We're looking for ANY suggestions you have. So go fill in a suggestion form :)
> Suggestion Form <

You Can View the Topic concerning this downtime > HERE <


930.0x524.0 (5).jpg

The =ADK= No Explosive metro server is back. Right now we are doing our best to populate it to get our name back out there but we need your help, so if you are a battlefield player please join our server at:


or search for ADK in the server browser.

we are also in need of new and old admins to help us out in populating the server and keep it clean if you are interested please fill out the admin application.

We Would Love To Have You On Our Staff! :)



We have opened up a GunGame Reverse Turbo Server. We are happy to have the section back and the Staff are working really hard to make the section great again!

Visit GameTracker.com for the latest game server information!

Come hang out, play some games and make some friends within the community! 


We are going to be hosting weekly in-houses on Saturday nights at 7pm CST! Right now we are a fairly small crowd but we do want to expand and grow to eventually play competitive with each other and potentially open up some new servers. We made the current server GunGame because that is what we (the current staff) know, we are looking for input and ideas on what kind of server you want to play. What type of game mode would get you involved?!

We encourage anyone who has input or ideas to post them! We want to know what the people want!

Map/Server Suggestions <

Lastly, the CS:GO section is currently recruiting members and Staff for the section! If you have questions please feel free to message @FeistyTV or any of the other CS:GO staff. If you are interested in joining the team please fill out an application! 

CSGO Admin Application <

We hope to see you around! 

Staff: @FeistyTV @funkmetal @Gigarax @Gingergod5

Operation: Sirius Business


OP:SB Needs YOU!!

Why We fight.



The Operation is in full swing, with 3 systems taken care of we need your support to finish the job.

Our Current target is Ceos and Sothis.

Join us in the Operation: Sirius Business Discord


DJTruthsayer (the instigator) has made an explanation post on Reddit to go over all the common questions


Feel Free to discuss the Operation in the post I made when it first started several weeks ago.




H1Z1: Just Survive Test Server

The latest updates to the server can be found here -  (CLICK ME)

If you have not played H1Z1 in a while you have missed a lot.  New Building System, New Strongholds, New Map, New Items..... and more.

Here are some pictures:




H1Z1: Just Survive Live Servers


ADK continues to have their very own Whitelisted Server.  If you are interested in join us there, please make sure to fill out an application, which can be found here - (CLICK ME)


Once the Test updates get pushed to live we will be pushing hard to populate our server.  If you would like to join us make sure to get your application in.  If you have any questions regarding either the Test Server or our Whitelisted Server, please reach out to @CaGregorio either on our forums or on Discord.

Hope to see you guys in game.



Hi, and welcome to the ADK League of Legends Section!

We host in-houses every Sunday at 7pm central time, and we would love for you to join us! If you're interested in joining, there is more information on them here: (CLICK ME)

We also have an official League of Legends club, where you can ask party up, or just chat! By being in the club you have the option of supporting ADK by wearing the tag! You can join by replying to the thread below. Please note, you must become an ADK member before joining the club.(CLICK ME)

The League of Legends section is recruiting advisers! If you're interested in becoming a staff member there is information here:

LOL Staff Application: (CLICK ME)

LOL Recruiting Players: (CLICK ME)

Thanks, and hope to see you summoners soon!


LoL Staff:

@Phreaktaco @Seagull @settleflame





Hi from the Minecraft Staff!!

We are pleased to announce our Survival/Skyblock (Vanilla) server is now on 1.12 The World of Colors Update!


We also host an FTB Beyond Server and FTB Skyfactory 3!

Our minigames server is coming soon!

Here are some links for your convenience!!

Minecraft Rule: (CLICK ME)

creeper.ca.adkgamers.com:25565 This is the link for our hub server which will let you connect to any of our game servers for Minecraft.. However if your playing FTB you need that launcher and if you're playing vanilla you will need to use the standard MC launcher.. 

Minecraft Dynamic Map (CLICK ME)

Minecraft Forum Section: (CLICK ME)

Thanks again for all the continued support for ADK and its Minecraft Servers!

If you would like to join us in Discord here's the link to the Minecraft Help Channel

where an admin will be happy to help! https://discord.gg/xtZHyyJ


Meet our Staff

@Jaden MC Manager and Developer

@SLIMJIM Mc Senior Admin

@Chunkyyukon123 MC Admin

@Oz111 MC Admin

@SGCrazyman MC Advisor

@BrassyIA MC Veteran Admin

@Dowin Community Admin



Overwatch Section

The Overwatch Section has been growing steadily over the past year. Thank you to all those who have joined us for games and helped to expand our section. For those of you who have yet to play with us, please join us on both the forums and discord to get some games going with us! Our Overwatch section works to include everyone, regardless of skill level. Throughout the year we feature several new events, as well as create our own tournaments. If you want to keep up to date with what our section is doing, please visit our forum section HERE. We hope to play with you soon!


Every Friday night the Overwatch section runs an inhouse event! This event begins at 9 PM EST/8 PM CST. We welcome all skill levels to come participate in this event. The night begins with a fun gamemode that has been selected by our users on the forums, and then we later move to playing 6v6 Competitive style matches with each other. This event is a fantastic way to meet people and make new friends! If you have any questions, please contact an Overwatch staff member. 



Doomfist is the latest hero added to the roster! He's the 8th Offense hero to be part of Overwatch. His release has been hyped up for months, even before Orisa's announcement! As of July 27th, we are finally able to play him on the live servers. Join us in the Overwatch section to bring "Doom" upon our enemies! If you'd like to know more about Doomfist, as well as the patch that came with him, please check out this article HERE!

Summer Games


The Summer Games event for Overwatch is returning! From August 8th-28th, the event we all loved to participate in last year will be returning! We will be in the Overwatch section of discord playing this event all throughout the summer. Please join us for some fun in the sun! If you want to read more about this event, please check out an article we have HERE!



Hello to you and welcome to <ADK Gamers> - World of Warcraft style.

The ADK WoW section has only just started out once again in July after a beautiful revamp - Our sole focus is bringing the fun back into the game and enjoying everything from questing, dungeons and more! We have decided not to focus solely on end game raiding as we realize that not everyone has the same schedule and we are going for that more casual feel. We are active on both the forums and discord there will always be someone for you to ask questions or even just have a friendly chat with.  

Our focus is you, so why not come and find out more! 

Here are a few links to keep you up to date on our section :-

All server information and admins of the WoW section can be found here.

Never tried WoW - Get it for free here.

Feel free to add us to battlenet :-

@Tagond - Guild Leader - runnygravy69#1716

@justicarAB - Supervisor - JusticarMAE#1921

@Serenity - Adviser - Firefly#22825


"As the game supervisor, my goal is to make sure that everyone feels welcome at any time in the day, regardless of skill level or availability. We intend to insure that all points of the game are enjoyable for everyone. We have hopes for implementing unscheduled and relaxed guild raids. The focus is casual play first, any form of more competitive raiding is still under review but are not guaranteed." - JusticarAB - Supervisor 


I feel our section is growing into something wonderful but don't just take my word for it - Here is a few opinions of our section members :-

"The guild is nice and friendly, everyone is happy to help and there are people of all sorts of experience levels and interests to play with! Really looking forward to start doing more endgame-ish content like LFR and stuff with everyone!" - ADK Member Nora [in-game name Kiu]

"Being a long time WoW player, it's nice to find a really friendly guild on Mal'Ganis. The laid back nature along with friendly help up to made it an easy choice to join ADK. Along with my new membership and their awesome Discord, I'm glad I chose to come to ADK." - ADK Member Funks [in-game name Melgobson]

"As someone who is very picky with MMO's it's been very refreshing to be able to pick up the game and not only learn at my own pace but have others to help me when needed as well. Tagond and his staff have created a great friendly atmosphere that welcomes the noobs all the way up to the more advanced WoW players. If you're looking for a new game to play, come stop by the WoW Section!" - ADK Founder AOBLXIX - [in-game name aoblxix

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I really hope to see you soon both on discord and in-game. Have a great day! 




WOW that was a lot of information for you!! We do hope that this helps you with what each game section is an will be doing. If you have any questions about any said section you can make a post on said games forums section an or join us in discord an message said staff for help an questions. 

If you have any question about anything else you can message @CaGregorio or @Dowin any they will be more then happy to help you out. 


We want to thank you for being part of the =ADK= Gaming Community whether  as a registered user or an =ADK= Member.  We are here because of you an we again like that you have chosen us as your home to play at. 


Thanks Again 

=ADK= Gaming Community


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