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How to Join ADK Servers

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Sometimes ARK can give people a hard time connecting to our servers. It's really unfortunate but if the direct join links are not working for you, please follow these steps to connect to the server.

1. Make sure that your game is closed, then subscribe to the following required mod lists.

Hived Server Mod List: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1178754796

2. Let the mods all download via steam.

3. Add ALL of the servers to your Steam Server Favorites.

  • Open up your Steam click "View" on the main title bar,
  • Click "Servers" Then click "FAVOURITES" tab.

  • Now we will add the servers. 
  • Click "ADD A SERVER" in the bottom right hand corner of the window.
  • Type in the IP for the servers with the 5 or 4 digit port numbers (Reference the image below)


  • To make sure everything works, we suggest adding the ip:port for both 5 and 4 digit ports.
  • Make sure you add all of the hived servers to your favorites, regardless of which one you want to play.

The Center:          (Query Port:7777)

Scorched Earth:  (Query Port:7775)

The Island:         (Query Port:7779)

Ragnarok:          (Query Port:7783)

Aberration:        (Query Port:7781)

Extinction:         (Query Port:7785)


4. Now that we have downloaded all of the relevant mods and added all of the servers to our favorites, lets try to connect!

  • Start the Game and when loaded, Click "Join ARK" then select the dropdown menu bottom left and select "Favourites"

  • Hopefully you will see atleast one server, click "Refresh" to see if it shows the others, if not, join the Server that is visable, load in until the character creation screen, then press "ESC" and exit server, go back to the favourites list and refresh.
  • Join the correct server, Enjoy!!!!


Q: I dont see any servers!
A: Double check to make sure that you have correctly added all of the IP and port combinations. Make sure that your filters are set properly in the menu (PVE not PVP and so on.). Check the #ark-server-status channel in discord to make sure the servers are not currently updating a mod or version which is preventing you from joining. 

Q: why cant i join via the direct links on Ark-Servers.net?
A: It has to do with ping resolving on dedicated boxes using the same IP for multiple servers, it only works for a handful of people, but adding the servers and joining via favorites is preferable anyways.

Q: Why do i have to join then leave a server to show them all.
A: It has something to do with ARK Ports and the way they are pinged by WC, but this is a one time thing, once you join a server once, the other servers should always show going forward.

Q: I'm getting a mod mismatch error.
A: This likely means either one of our mods is out of date on the servers, the servers auto check for updates every 30 mins. Check the #ark-server-status channel in discord, if there is no mod update reach out to an ARK Staff in discord and we can help you troubleshoot what is likely a corrupted mod download on your end.

Q: I used to be able to see the servers but now i cannot.
A: Either your game is now updated to the latest version or the server isn't updated. Close your game and check for a download for ARK or the workshop.

If you are having any problems with these steps or require further help, please feel free to reach out to an admin. We can be found on the >>ADK Roster<<, scroll down to ARK staff and message one of us there OR join the >>Discord<< and feel free to ask us for help!

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