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Good morning/evening everyone 


We have great news for the battlefield players . will be talking about it after this small speech .


As you can see guys , BF1 was not that great way to bring ADK members to the community  , the game is really fun for sure  , but as a community we could not get what we wanted from it just like BF4 and BF3 , the RSP is really bad , It's not even enough to be called RSP , nothing , nothing at all is like the other BF games RSP ( BF3 & BF4 ) .


After waiting more than 8 months from DICE to provide us with something exactly like procon and other stuff that will help us "the community" , Nothing except things that won't work for us ,People finding searching for servers really hard , some server not showing up in the game ( BF1 ) , so the section is almost dead , no players from the game , server is empty due to issues that DICE still did not fixed , Now we had to do something to keep the section alive and bring it back from the death . How ?? here is what we are going to do , and it was something requested by a lot of people so here you go .


What is going to happen or what may happen in few days from now , We will be having what most of the staff and the ADK BF players want , which is bring back our favorite BF4 server , so we will have a BF4 server , we are going to talk about which one ( Metro or lockers ) or maybe having both in one server , For this and to decide what we want , we will be doing AN OPEN BF MEETING , this meeting will contain people form the staff and members and other people that would love to be there . If you want to join the discussion please feel free to do that . The meeting will be AFTER the member meeting this Monday the 10th of July so we hope all of us that you be there cause we need you .


All the above text means nothing unless what i'm about to say happen , you can't have a server without you having the money for it , we can't have a server till we have the money for it , we want your guys help in this as well , we need donations for the server , WE NEED YOU , Some of you asking how much it will cost , this is the answer :




Hello BF Players, 
 So after really looking into it an gathering a lot of information on  getting a BF4 server i have found a host that we can go to. 

Currently they are also having a sale for first time signers and this would work for us in reducing the server amount. 
Currently we are looking at getting a BF server with 60hz 70 slot server. The cost for this server is 1.29 per player at normal cost but sense we would be considers NEW owners to this company we would get a 20% discount. We would also get additional discount if we did a monthly pack with them EI Month to month + No Discount, 3 months + %5 discount, 6 months + 10% discount, 12 months + 15% discount. 

So I do not know how ling this is going on for so I ask you which do you want

So here is the prices as followed

  1. 1 month is 90.95 = This would be the amount per month if we choose this option.
  2. 3 months is 259.21 = This would be the amount owed every 3 months if we did this option.
  3. 6 months is 491.13 = This would be the amount owed every 6 months if we did this option.
  4. 12 months is 927.69 = This would be the amount owed every 12 months if we did this option.

These prices include all discounts. So think this over to be honest we would only to the first 3 options and never do a 12 month deal so now it is based on donations to do this we would need donation in to get this an then once we get it it would need to make sure donations come in to keep it. If we cancel this at any time we lose the discount amount and then would need to pay the full amount to keep it so think this over and let us know how I should take this. 




So we need the donations before we get the server , the discount has no known time to be expired , no one knows when , maybe it could be expired today , or tomorrow , but one thing that we know , which is that we need the server ASAP . So we need your help again .


If you are welling to donate for this server that we want to have , Please donate for BF1 and send a message to @Dowin that the donation is for BF4 , till we have the server then we can add that to the donations list , hope to see you guys donations for this one , it can bring ADK BF again to the front . 


Please be there in the meeting WE NEED YOU  . We want these days back 




Important links :






If you have any Q Please feel free reply back . 



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BF4<3 finally it's back !! , i was too much afk i know xD , but i really every time i come back still the problem with DICE , Miss u all :/

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1 hour ago, CoolLucK said:

BF4<3 finally it's back !! , i was too much afk i know xD , but i really every time i come back still the problem with DICE , Miss u all :/

We miss you as well :( 

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