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League of Legends in-house nights!

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League of legends In-house nights.

Hosted every Sunday at 7pm Central time! (5pm western, and 8pm eastern)


League of Legends in-houses. We host 5v5 custom games every Sunday at 7pm central time. I would love to see more members joining the discord and play with us. So I want to do something if we get all ten people this Sunday! They are really fun when people show up and we all get to play. If everyone shows up this Sunday, June 25th. I will do a random drawing with all the people attending the in-house, and gift them any $10 skin/champion.


Ideas for future in-houses?


If there aren't all the ten people we need to get the 5v5 in-house going, we have came up with a compromise. What we have been doing if not all 10 people show up we do some fun custom games with the people we do have. For example, if only eight people show up for in-houses we can start a 4v4 and play on Howling abyss. @justicarAB came up with this fun game mode that we have been playing recently. We have all 8 people in the same discord channel, talking smack to each other, since it's only one lane. It's not to be taken as serious as the 5v5 and summoners rift but damn is it fun to play. 3v3's, and even 2v2's are fun to play in this game mode.


The future of the League of Legends section.


I would love to see more people in ADK to give League of Legends a try! It is a great game to play with friends. The active members in the League section, and myself would be more than happy to help people/teach people how to play! I noticed how the section is gaining more popularity, and it is amazing!


There is also another post with more info about In houses by @Phreaktaco here: 

Also if you have any questions feel free to pm either Phreak, or myself.



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I had a lot of fun last night - Really sorry I had to head off so quickly but thank you for the games!! 

Would be fun to do a point score sheet or screenshots of the game for defeats and victories - Unless you are all far to competitive for that after hearing some of you last night lol ... I would love to do an Admin Vs Members match as well.... :P

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Hi, I'm currently the one who runs inhouses, but currently don't have internet and in the process of moving.

I can try to get something set up this week to get one going, but I'm glad you're interested in joining us!

You can add me on league as well, and I can add you back whenever I get the chance :)

I also see that you're from the UK, which is cool! But unfortunately most of us at ADK play on NA. Don't let that stop you from playing with us though! If you have an NA account already that would be great, but if not I would recommend making an account on the NA server and leveling that up! but anyways, welcome to ADK and I'm glad you're interested in joining us!

Kligidee, (NA server)

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On 8/10/2017 at 2:29 AM, ADK thelightwolf said:

awesome and i do have myself an na account and i have added you and looking forward to it if you can set one up

Yep every sunday at 7pm central time :)

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if your unable to get these going im usually on at this time for them and i can make sure everything goes smoothly


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