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So what is Heroes 2.0 ? I will get you all, who don't know yet, though it, and I will explain it with my own words !

So Heroes 2.0 it's a Major Update of the Heroes of the Storm game, that comes with plenty of new functionalities & changes !

Let's START !



Loot Chests

Ok. Let me tell you about Loot Chests. They have 3 different types of chests they say, but there are actually 4 :

  • Common Chest
  • Rare Chest
  • Epic Chest
  • Hero-Specific Chest

You may wonder how you can obtain this chests . Well you can obtain them in various ways :

  • Each time you level up a hero, you level up your account aswell with 1. So you will receive a chest. It can be Common, Rare or Epic. This only depends on your luck.
  • Everytime you've done another 5 Player Levels, you get a Rare Chest.
  • Each time you've done another 25 Levels, you get an Epic Chest & 150 Gems.
  • Everytime you've done 10 levels of a specific hero, you get a Hero-Specific Chest.
  • You can BUY chests with in-game currency ( Diamonds ) and Diamonds are only purchasable from Shop, with Real Money, and sometimes Dropped ( As a reward for reaching high levels ).

What can you find inside the chest & rarity :

  • You can find literally ANYTHING inside of chests, EXCEPTING Diamonds. Ex: Shards, Cosmetic Pieces ( Like Skins, Banners, Mounts ), Voiceovers, Announcers, Tatoos, etc.
  • Each LOOT Chest, has 4 items. Of different rarities, or similar, totally random.
  • Every chest it's assuring you 1 item of the chest quality. So if you open an Epic Chest, there is GUARANTEED an Epic Item or higher.
  • It can contain Legendaries aswell, you know, those only things from market that had a price of 15€.
  • After you open them, if you don't like what you get, you can use GOLD to re-roll. But for example, if you got a legendary, but you already have it, and you reroll, there's NO guarantee that you will get another legendary. So I suggest you stick with the shards they give for duplicates.

Re-Worked In-Game Currencies & NEW ITEMS :

Ok, so before update, we only had Gold. Now, we have 3 different currencies and each has their own role :

  • Main Currency : Diamonds / Gems : This type of currency, DROPS EACH 25 Levels as a Reward, and the ammount you get it's 150. Why I say main currency ? Because in order to get more gems you need to buy them from SHOP with real money. They can be used to purchase the following : Heroes, Some Mounts, Stimpacks, Loot Chests. NO MORE MONEY FOR SKINS !
  • Secondary Currency : Shards : This is what I place as a secondary because with it, you can ONLY purchase, COSMETIC ITEMS : Mounts, Skins, Voiceovers, Tatoos, Emotes, Banners, etc. It CANNOT be bought, and it only DROPS from LOOT CHESTS. Also, a good way of earning this, it's by opening a lot of Loot Chests, and getting duplicates. Duplicates are auto-converted to shards .
  • Thrid Currency : Gold : I place gold as a last currency because it can still be used in game but JUST FOR TWO THINGS : Re-Rolling Loot Chests & Heroes.

About NEW ITEMS & What it's new : 

  • Hero Specific Emoticons & Tatoos
  • Tatoos ( Even if not hero specific, they are a lot )
  • Banners ( When you get a camp, or destory a fort, the banner you picked in Loadout will be dropped in that location )
  • Sprays ( it's like in CS:GO , you press T, you spray on the ground )
  • Voiceovers
  • Game Announcers ( Like you want to have Arthas to tell you the game will begin )
  • Plenty of Portraits
  • New Mounts, New Skins, New Heroes.

Another New FEATURE is Hero Loadouts :

Hero Loadouts it's allowing the player to have 3 Slots for Each Hero in order to do a Loadout Preset. For example if I have multiple skins on Kael Thas, I don't want to run the same Mount, Banner, Tatoo, Game Announcer, etc, for both. So I make 2 Loadouts, and I save them. So then, I just have to click the dropdown menu, and pick from the ones I've created.

Progression System : 

Well, this is totally changed now. You can level heroes as much as you want ( For example my max is 31 , as a level for individual hero ) and all those levels on all of your hero, represents your Player Level. For example mine is 711 .

Everytime you level a hero, also grows the Player Level. By getting higher and higher in Player Level you earn Badges & How your avatar is surrounded. Again, just a cosmetic piece, nothing more.



Official Blizzard Patch Notes : HERE

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