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=ADK= Battlefield 1 Server


Finally after long time waiting from DICE to give us something that we may get members from and something that we will really use has come . Since the game released we were not able to rent any server at all for BF1, the reason for that is the resources that we need in the game to control the server player behave just like "Kicking,Banning...etc" , But finally they have gave us something will help us out to manage the server . 


After We "BF staff" talked about how many servers we want to our community , we decided to go with one for now and in the future we can bring more and more . In the coming screenshot you will see our server settings and the name of it , Please Add the server to your Favorite list and kind help us populating it when you are free .




Note : Cause i live in the Middle East for sure i will have that ping , you will get less that's for sure .


Please tell your friends about it and join us in the server so we can have great times , And make sure to join our OFFICIAL ADK Platoon , You can visit the bellow link to see how . 

 See you guys in the field .

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On 5/5/2017 at 0:41 AM, soupy48 said:

Saw the server and added to my favs.:ZombieHorde:

Hope the desert maps will be added. They are fun maps for planes and land vehicles.

Hope to see ya on the battelfield.


we will try to poping it more and more , we hope to see you soon .

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