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How did you find ADK and great moments

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Well like the title says How'd you find ADK, and what are some great moments you have with ADK. 

I found ADK while playing on the Arma 3 Esseker server about a year ago. Bought Arma to play with a friend and that was the server we joined. Been here ever since.

My favorite thing in ADK is hanging out with people in Arma telling funny stories as we aimlessly kill all the things. 

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I was originally looking for a place to play league of legends late at night, since most of the people I play with are in Britain or Europe and go to bed when I am really wanting to play. I googled gaming communities and this was one of the first I saw. I did play league here a lot when I first joined, but then I saw 1-2 people playing overwatch. I had played the closed beta a bit as well as the open, and then also mostly by myself after that. My league friends didn't play it, so I decided to play with the few people here at the time. Then I pretty much stuck with Overwatch. :)

Some of my favourite moments happen during inhouses for overwatch. They're a blast!

edit: by the way, the first person I ever met was @LaithSJ on my first night. :)

Edited by Liz

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i found ADK back when #6 Operation Lockers was full all the time. Just started playing Battlefield 4 on PC with my classmates, we joined and i got banned for 2 hours by @Yuki_Sorrelwood, then after that i decided to join the teamspeak (just lurking around there) where i meet @MrsVirtue1776 @Virtue1776 @RuinyourDay @HaRdLy007 @Silent166 @Marcinkoman @NikolaiRimskyK @LegallyBlindCake @Wacko920 @Blaze @Jokerz... and geez a hell of a lot of people that come in and play all night with everyone :)

After that decided to try h1z1 (which i've won here in a raffle :P) that's when fun was all over there, people helping each other, raiding bases, killing eachother by accident, getting handcuffed by a chinesse man and then run back to base so we could get unhandcuffed, but in the end we got shoot by @Jokerz. lol

There's a lot i can tell since i joined almost 4 years ago, witnessed trouble after trouble, people after people (ban after ban xD) but in the end here we are enjoying games just like group of friends that lives nearby.

PS. @LaithSJ don't be sad that i didn't mention you, i just have a special place for you since the day you became an advisor then an admin and a manager right along my side <3 

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Well with about 3.5 years under my belt as a member of ADK I've seen some stuff.

I first found ADK via Planetside 2.  My little bro, @KillikHiveMind , basically pointed me at the outfit and said something along the lines of "they're pretty chill".  I played as a silent medic #4273 until one of the glorious mass lag-outs that used to happen.  As the armor column flew off into the sky (I promise this was totally normal) and half the server pop lagged out.  I ended up as the platoon lead.  I kept that sucker going for a few hours until an officer (I think it was Metal) got on to reign in the rogue platoon.  After handing over control Metal suggested I head to the website and sign up.  The rest is history so to speak.

While I have many favorite memories from my time here I'll always hold the TF2 game nights near and dear.  There weren't many of us and there were only a couple of these events, but it was one of the few times I've gotten to play a game with the actual community level admins (those darn hermits).  For some reason, we had everybody from the top (old school) brass in game, even the elusive ones like Leroy, Wicker, and the mighty AOB himself (Who is some sort of bullshit wizard with the demoman btw).

For the sake of not slapping a wall of text on this post, I'll limit it to just this spark notes story of my finding ADK and a nod to one of my favorite moments.  If you ever want to just hear some tales of my time here just find me in discord and I'll gladly regale you with tales from times gone by.

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I found you on google. While I was searching for some community to play csgo. But untill I actually joined, I quit CS:GO, I re-joined WoW, and I'm a HOTS player. And I do have plans with this hots ( inexistent atm ) section.

But I don't have moments, yet :|

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I found ADK through their BF3 servers back in 2012 and started hanging out only in the Metro server, then to the BF4 Metro server. The people from ADK were top notch and eventually I joined up, became an advisor and then BF Admin. Had a blast knifing everyone there especially the rule breakers. Great group and I had a ball. Cheers!

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This post is going to be a little bit long , so if you think its long just ignore it :'( 

How did i found ADK ?

4 years ago Origin made BF3 free for everyone for only 2 weeks , that time bf3 price was almost 16$ if i do remember , played the game for almost a month by myself without having someone to talk to , cause i had no idea that there was something called TeamSpeak and something called Team Play , after that i saw this in the game chat while i was playing " We are always looking for ADMINS for our servers , visit www.ADKgamers.com " , then i realized that it's is something bigger than just gaming . I went to the the website and signup  first , did my intro and my application , i got declined first time , then i posted it again , and then everything started to be like the moon in the night , how people welcomed me , how they interacted with me even though i could not speak English .


My great moments in ADK ?

What can i say ? each day for me here is a moment , being around with people that always showed respect and honesty to me was always  creating a memory in my mind , But i will mention some of my favorite great moments ever here . Sadly some of who was sharing these moments with me were not here and even though i'm 24 years old but still crying every time i remember them and i start to say damn this internet who can take us away from who we were sharing our day with .

My favorite moment in ADK which it made me proud of my self as a human is when @Shilea and its another person that not here and i really miss here , hope you are doing great in your life and you still remember me , She made this post about me 


I though i'm in trouble till i read it , and everyone knows that i'm emotional a bit so yea i cried lol . That day i was going around Teamspeak to have fun with people and each channel i have been in everyone tells me " Laith Don't you ever change , stay amazing , awesome , stay lovely Laith " . I admit that i still smile and cry when i read that post and wont ever forget it . Thank you shilea i miss you my friend . 

My second favorite moment here is when i was the first Admin of the month in ADK , it was great thing to happen , the first one who be that in ADK . Many were saying i deserve to be the admin of the year lol but for me anything from ADK is a big award . 


My first great moment here when i was watching one of our servers  and we had a meeting on Monday one of the higher staff told me and they told me "Laith you did an amazing job as an adviser and you did not let us down when you said you wont let us down , you deserve to be promoted to an admin and we know that one day you will be something big in ADK , keep it up " . That time i did not know what to say . But it really amazing to hear there wards .


Second great monents in my life here in ADK when , @AOBLXIX send me a free T-shirt for ADK as a gift , he did not tell me that he will send that and i got surprised when i received it from @Surdawi which in his turn got me a gaming mouse and handled them to me in the airport when he came here  . So thank you so much AOB and surdawi , and along with that @b0nza1 sent me a Graphic card that made my gaming life so easy . All that was in my BIRTHDAY . it was the best brithday gift i have ever got . that time i was known in most of the ADK section and i made a post about it and OMG , Really its not a gaming family its a real Family . How ??? you can see in my birthday post .



Third moment for me in ADK was when my best friend and one of the people who are not here anymore , and i wish here all the best :'( @Phire , she told me that she is doing a project called "MEET OUR MEMBERS" , a project goal is to introduce the famouse people in ADK and the leaders in ADK along with who have been here for time . She asked me if i can be the first one who she do an interview with , and i was like "Yes , Yes " . Thank you Phire for me making me happy :) 



My moments in ADK never ends . AND WON'T . As long as im an ADK member i wont stop on being me . 


I want to say thank you for those people who made my life in ADK can be lived in each day :

@Marcinkoman You have been like my father , always pushing me forward , always giving me hopes and without you wont be who i am right now , thank you for all the support you gave me . Missing you and hope you are having great life .

@AOBLXIX You are my big brother here , you done a lot of things to me , mentioning them will take a long post , so i will say thank you for everything and don't make an April fool at all again please :)  

@Darknae Thank you so much for everything , you helped me to fun my graduate project , thank to you my project was the second highest degree in my university . Thank you <3

@BookD20 You are a great Friend and brother , you always were listening to me when i need someone to talk to , you always there for me . Thank you for being here buddy .

@Naru What can i say about you ? Being with you in a section where everyone was doing his best to show that he is the best was really amazing , always enjoyed to be an admin with you in the BF section . When my account got hacked you got me the game in a new account for free, thank you for saving my life buddy . Won't forget it at all . 

@MrsVirtue1776 I miss you , you are such a great person , always backing me up , helping me out with everything . I miss you . 

@b0nza1 @Surdawi @Zaizz @Silent166 Could not mention more people cause they are not here anymore and i know for the fact that they wont be here anymore to read this post . But for anyone who helped me and who respect to me " Thank you for everything " .

@Liz hope you never leave ADK , you are great person , and even if you were AFK for 10 years just seeing your clinet online makes me happy to see it here in ADK .


Please forgive me if i forgot you , maybe cause i was motioned when i typed this post . Thank you so much for everything .



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Haha Laith the longest I've ever been away from ADK is 2 weeks, and that was for vacation. . XD And I don't plan on leaving haha. 

Edited by Liz

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well I don't remember when I found ADK. but it was through BF4 and the search string "no explosive".
I started playing on the EU Locker No Explosive where I got noticed by @Dylbags99 and @Type2dk and a few others... think I saw @LaithSJ there as well :P 
after a while they asked if I should join ADK. but I was reluctant in the beginning because of the "be on teamspeak rule" but everyone was cool and said "you don't have to talk, just be there and listen" so eventually I applied.
there was one event though where I thought everyone ignored me, I talked and replied and asked but noone answered me. not a single soul. everyone was ignoring me..... so I thought.
after a couple of days I noticed that I had plugged in the microphone in the wrong jack after doing some maintenance on the computer :/ 

fun fact, I have zero applications for any admin position :)

the names of all the wonderful people I've met are too many to list and remember for that matter, I am getting abit old you know. but a special thanks goes to @Marcinkoman @Dylbags99 @Type2dk @Spanky @Naru @b0nza1 @LaithSJ for tutoring how to be a fair admin. 


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